Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wimbledon :(

Oh no! So sorry to see him out! An injury may cause #AndyMurray to take a break after losing a five-set battle to Sam Querry.:

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Antarctic Iceberg and Climate Change

The UK needs to urgently tackle climate change after the recent Antarctic iceberg, the size of Wales and four times the size of London, splits from ice shelf.

Scientists say the iceberg would not have an effect on global sea levels as it was already floating on water.

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More Breaking News- GP's To Take Part In A Ballot

Some More Breaking news - GP's are to take part in a ballot later on this year. They are considering stopping the registration of all new patients. About 23,000  GP' s in England are to take part in the ballot. It could see them collectively suspending all new registrations. People moving area/home could be left without a GP.
If all in favour, a second ballot will take place and it will determine if closures will go ahead.

These drastic measures are said to be necessary to defend patient
Safety, morale and health. The increase arose after mounting pressure on the GP Surgeries  re mounting workloads and patients requiring double slots for their appointments, if they do not speak the English language, because they need to allow the extra time for interpreters etc.

In the mean time, GP's in Northern Ireland are carrying out a ballot over whether or not to resign from the NHS and consider charging for appointments.

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Pig Skin Bra

Apparently, there is a new breast reconstruction procedure called Braxon. It is for women who choose to have reconstruction after having a mastectomy.  The procedure entails a mesh made up of specially treated pig skin, like an internal bra, to hold the silicone implants in place. It helps to give women a more natural look after having a mastectomy. It can be modelled into a natural breast shape and it integrates well inside the human body.

Another medical breakthrough. ☺

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Finger Prick Test For Stroke Patients

Some more breaking news. Apparently,  there is a new finger prick test which could help to save a Stroke patient's life by cutting diagnosis time to under 5 minutes. A simple drop of blood entered onto a reader, detects purine levels within minutes. This can help identify an acute brain injury and help to save someones life.

As some of you may already  know, my late Father was a stroke patient. I am so pleased to hear this news. :)

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Breaking news:

Breaking news: A meningitis vaccine could help combat sexual disease and protect you from gonorrhoea.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Board Games :)

I have just read an article in today's Daily Mail re how families are returning to playing board games and completing jigsaw puzzles. Board games seemed to die down for a while, with more and more youngsters favouring Computer games instead.☺

Personally speaking, I love playing Scrabble, Monopoly and Trivial Persuit,  however as a child I had hours of fun playing card games ie; Patience, Mouse Trap, Connect 4, Twister and Buckeroo. I also loved to play dice games, such as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Frustration.  I was very fond of playing Draghts with my cousin, who believed strategy was the only way to win! In more recent years, I have played Who Wants to be a Millionaire with a friend;) .☺

My grandmother was very fond of card games. We spent many hours playing cards together, when I was a child.  There was a fabulous board game I remember, called Carroms. I remember playing it with my Father, uncle and cousins. It was a favourite game. The board game originated from India. :)

When I eventually had children of my own, I encouraged them to play lots of board games too. It didn't do them any harm :)

My thoughts on the subject: I think playing board games are a great way of interacting together, as family. It's fun too. The only disadvantage is losing! Lol I am a bad loser. 😅

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Monday, July 10, 2017

An English Accent

There are a lot of folk who can speak the English language, who all live in England, however not everyone has an English accent. ☺

I have an English accent, some people call it RP,  Received Pronunciation, it's the accent of Standard English and it used to be commonly used in mostly the Southern part of England. The English language is the language I was taught as a young child, by both of my parents. I was born in 1961. ☺

There are also regional accents around England. Depending upon where you grow up, you are likely to have a regional accent. This is still typically known as having an English accent. :)

Again, there is also a diifference in accents across the United Kingdom as a whole. You can often tell the difference between the English, Irish, Welsh and Scottish accents.

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"The Last Word"

The Last Word

I simply loved this film. A very touching film which stars the brilliant actress #ShirleyMacLaine and #AmandaSeyfried. :)

Spoiler Alert

The film tells the story of a wealthy business lady named Harriet, who hires a young writer, Anne, to write her obituary. Her expectations of having a great obituary written about her soon fade when she learns that not many people actually have a good word to say about her. She trys to reshape her life, with the help of Anne. The two women strike up a strong bond together. Anne encourages Harriet to change her legacy  so that she is remembered and at the same time, Harriet encourages Anne to take a good look at reshaping own future as a writer.

I found the film very touching and funny. ☺

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