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My name is Frances Rose Agnes Napper aka SmileyRose. I am a friendly and fun loving individual. I like meeting new/old friends. Although I love being with friends, I also enjoy my own space from time to time. I have a number of hobbies. I enjoy taking photographs, going to the theatre, travel (visiting new and exciting places), reading, films and listening to music. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I particularly enjoy it when we all get together. I was a full-time mother for both of my daughters and I did not go back to work until they both reached primary school age. The UK has a lot to offer because there are so many picturesque places to visit. I particularly enjoy the British countryside. My home town was in Stamford, Lincolnshire although I am currently living in Peterborough. My Father was a serving member of the RAF. I'd consider myself well travelled from a very early age (6 months old). Divorced - for 10yrs. Currently single. I am interested in meeting nice folk only. :) Star sign - Leo the Lion. Birthday -July 29th. That's me in a nutshell. :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"

Another favourite Christmas song. :)

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" by John Lennon

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I'm listening to "Shame" by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow

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My Favourite TV and Radio Presenters...

...are all of those presenters who have the lovely sounding BBC can't beat them. They always sound so clear and nicely spoken. I actually enjoy listening to all of those clear and precisely spoken folk the best.  :)

I am far more inclined to listen to someone who narrates a programme when they have a clear and well spoken voice, otherwise it is less likely to sink in. I love it a lot more when there is a little humour added into the narration too. ;)

Whenever I have visited abroad, I am quite often complimented by my English accent.  Most folk abroad actually love listening to a clearly spoken English accent, as it is much easier for them to learn/understand the English language when they hear it clearly spoken. I have been informed of this by some of the foreign acquaintances/friends I have had great pleasure in meeting over the years. I have heard it mentioned that when they speak to some British folk who have strong regional accents, then they find it much harder to understand the person they are speaking to.

I suppose this is quite often the case as I find it a hard job to understand some of those strong British regional accents myself sometimes. ;) :)

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"Can You Feel The Force"

I'm listening to "Can You Feel The Force" by The Real Thing :)

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"We're Jamming"

Ok! Let's stop with the wailing for now. ;)

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I'm An Independant Woman

Before I met my husband I was out there working and earning a respectable living of my own. I did not rely upon anyone else, but myself. :)

After my marriage ended, I was determined to do pretty much the same thing. I wanted to get out there and make my own living. I began by going back to full-time education and I brushed up on many of the skills I already had prior to me giving up work to bring up my family. I made certain that before returning to work I had most of the current office skills needed to do a similar type of job to what I was doing prior to me leaving. Modern technology is changing all of the time so I advise everyone to keep in touch with all of the changes if you are thinking about giving up your jobs temporarily to take care of the children and particularly if you have plans to return to work one day.

I have never relied upon any man and I've always been pretty much my own person. Even when the children were younger I was usually the one who organized the whole family. I was the social secretary so to speak, the person who made most of the social arrangements outside of work. My ex husband worked hard, but then again so did I. :)

As I mentioned previously, I've always been pretty much an independent woman taking care of myself much of the time prior to me having a family. Once married and the children arrived, then it was great having the extra help from my then husband. I think children always need two parents to help take care of them because it would be very difficult doing it all on your own. They also need an even balance from two loving parents. I wouldn't like to take the credit for it all and I am also fully aware that not everyone is fortunate enough to have had two parents around them during their's a sad fact.

Separation and then divorce was tough on the whole family, however we didn't divorce when the children were terribly young and they still have two loving and doting parents even now. They also have lots of members of their extended family who dote on them too. :)

I first left home at the age of 19yrs old, just for a few years. I was far too young to have left on a permanent basis. I then left home again at the age of 24 yrs old and I've been pretty much an independent woman ever since. :)

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Thinking Of Fixing Up One Of My Daughters...

....with actor Daniel Ratcliffe of Harry Potter fame. LOL he's one of the richest under 30's in Britain.

Not really, I brought both of them up much better than that.  I'd much rather them both fall in love with someone because they are genuinely in love with the person....for richer or poorer...but not too poor though hey. ;)  Someone nice and respectable will do nicely.  :)

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"Merry Christmas Everyone"

I'm listening to "Merry Christmas Everyone" by Shakin Stevens. :)

Yay!  I woke up to the Westlife interview this morning.  Weren't they all great? :)

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Top Six Most Elegantly Dressed Women

Everyone has their favourites, however these are my top five favourite and most elegantly dressed women ever. :)

1. The Queen
2. Jackie Onassis
3. Grace Kelly
4. Princess Diana
5. Audrey Hepburn
6. Samantha Cameron

Jackie O...wasn't she classy? :) Image source. :)

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Au Revoir

Two of my work colleagues are leaving to go and live abroad with their small family. I'd just like to wish them both a Merry Christmas and I wish them all a safe journey. Good Luck. :)

Goodness! There seem to be a number of folk fleeing Britain for pastures new.

Image Source

"Time To Say Goodbye"

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I'm listening to "Safe" by Westlife. :)

Ps Their new album is called 'Gravity'. :)

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Is everyone enjoying the snowy scenes here in England? :)

Brrrr it's been really cold. It's times like this when I wish I could hibernate and not come out until the spring time. :)

Oh dear!  Further snowfall is predicted this evening and is expected to continue through until the early hours of the morning. 

If you are out and about this evening don't forget to wrap up nice and warm everyone. 

If you are thinking about bedtime, then how about a nice hotwottlegottle to warm your tootsies? :o)

"Let It Snow" by Michael Buble :)

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If You Were A Rich Man.....

All of you poor guys out there, If you were a rich man would you be singing this song? :)

Ah :)  Fiddler On The Roof....what a lovely musical. :)

Altogether now....;)

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LOL I had to laugh out loud. I've just seen photos of Kate Middletons supposed look-alike.  She doesn't look anything like her. Apart from being tall and having similar colour hair, one couldn't mistake her for Kate Middleton unless they had bad eye sight. :) Besides, Kate looks much prettier. Who's she trying to fool? :)

"Who Do You Think You Are" by The Spice Girls :)

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Let's Get Cooking!

I've just been out to buy my copy of Jamie Olivers recent cook book. :)

Did you all know that chef Jamie Oliver has sold more than £100m copies of his recipe books? It now makes him the UK's second best-selling author after JK Rowling.

Last week his 30-minute Meals recipe book, sold almost 80,000 copies.  

Hehe now that I own that very same book, I can't wait to get cooking. ;)

"She Moves In Her Own Way" The Kooks :)

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Funny Guy

It has been reported that actor/funny man Leslie Nielsen recently died aged 84yrs old.  He starred in films such as 'Airplane' and 'Naked Gun'.... He was such a funny guy.

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Westlife are being interviewed live on the radio this morning.  :o)

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A Rich Man

Wow! I'd heard of Donald Trump however I had no idea he was that wealthy, not until I watched a recent documentary about him.

He's a self-made billionaire who has some amazing buildings which he has developed;  The Trump Tower being one of them. I photographed the building when I went was in the USA last year. :)

He has recently bought a huge plot of land in Scotland, which he is planning to develop. I didn't realize that his mother was Scots.

He also owns a number of golf course.

Most of his family all work for his company....His father was a real estate developer based in New York City. Donald Trump followed on in the family business striving to develope his father's business by  turning it into a huge company. It seems he did just that. :)

"Who Wants To Be A Millionair" from High Society

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The X-Factor

On tonights programme there were two acts voted off the show.

First to go was Katie.  It was sad because I would have liked to have seen her get a little further. Next there was a sing-off between Mary and Wagner.  Mary really did sing her heart out and it was a very good choice of song. Wagner on the other hand actually sang 'Unforgetable' really well, however he was voted off the show by the judges this evening. :)

I'm so glad to see Rebecca, Matt and One Direction get through to the finals. :)

Also on the show were The Wanted singing their new song "Lose My Mind".  I really like them because they remind me of the band Busted. :)

"Lose My Mind" by The Wanted

Also on the programmed was Justing Beiber singing "Baby"'s such a good song. What a sweet looking guy. ;o)

Last but not least. Also on the programme was the lead singer from The Pussycat Dolls. The song didn't do anything for me, not a favourite.  I was a little surprised at her dancers. They  looked as if they'd been involved in something a bit kinky dressed in that PVC get-up.  Not really my favourite viewing, particularly on an entertainment just wasn't my cup of tea. :)

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Made Me Chuckle

I watched the Stephen K Amos programme this evening. I've not heard of him prior to this evening...LOL he made me chuckle. Funny guy.  :o)

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quality Street or Roses? :o)

Hmmmmm I can't make my mind up which tin to buy for Christmas. I usually buy one or the other. ;o)

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UK No. 1

1. "Your Song" by Ellie Goulding (old Elton John song)

2. "Heroes" by X-Factor contestants (old David Bowie song)

There's a lot to be said about some of the oldies. ;o)

3. "Thinking About Me" by Olly Murs :)

Put the titles all together and what have you got?

Your Song Heroes. Thinking About Me. ;o)

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"Merry Christmas Everyone"


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"If You're Not The One"

I'm listening to "If You're Not The One" by Daniel Bedingfield. :)

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"All I Want For Christmas Is You"

I'm listening to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Miriah Carey. :)

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Taking Forever To Say Goodbye! ;o)

Whenever we leave after an evening of family get-togethers it seems to take forever to say goodbye to each other. When leaving, we usually have to plan to leave about an hour in advance. LOL I have so many family members it always seems to take forever saying goodbye to each and everyone of them.....and that's without every single family member being there at the same time!!!!!  Can you imagine how long It would take if they were 'all' there? It would take until eternity to say goodbye to each and every one of them. ;o)

Surely it can't get any bigger. ;)

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Fabulous Day

One of my favourite places in the world is of course Rutland.  I lived there for a few years and I remember when they were all hard at work making one of the biggest man-made reservoirs in the country; Rutland Water.  Yesterday the girls and I had the opportunity to visit Barnsdale to meet up and have a barsnack with members of my family who were staying at one of the hotels. The roads weren't brilliant as you all know because we had snowfalls yesterday, however many thanks to St Nicholas who drove us all nice and safely to our destination  (one of my favourite members of the family). ;) A good time was had by all as it gave us all the opportunity to catch up with each other.:o)

To two other favourite members of my family, thanks for the drinks....and thanks to my lovely sister who makes the most delicious muffins in the world. I want some more please.  :o)

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I'm listening to "Safe" by Westlife. :)

SmileyRose Quote: I'm keeping my children nice and safe...they're both wrapped up with love feeling cozy and warm. ;)

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Isn't it great! A friend who was a cancer patient has been given the 'all clear' during a recent hospital check. I'm so pleased. :)

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Every female has a special female friend/relative that they feel extra close to sometimes. It could be with your daughter/s,  mother/s, your sister/s, cousin/s, aunty/ies or even a special friend/s. I love this song because it reminds me of being connected and feeling close to one special person. Yay for females. ;):)

Here are two beautiful folk I am connected beautiful daughters. ;)


SmileyRose x

"The Flood" & "Grenade"

I absolutely love this track from the Cheryl Cole album.  It's called The Flood and the video is probably one of the best female artists videos I've seen in a long time. A good example to how song videos should be.  :)

Another good song and video by Bruno Mars. It's called "Grenade"

SmileyRose  x

Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm listening to "Safe" by Westlife. Awww what a fabulous band.

There was a time when I felt that my whole world was falling apart. Thank you to the folk who helped to save me and who showed me the light at the end of the very long tunnel. I know it was all a long time ago, but you never forget. Thank You.:)

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New Laws

The new domestic violence laws recently made re protecting women from violent attacks by their partners...this is a good move for many women.  There are so many women who suffer the hands of violent attacks and they live in fear of their partners.  The new laws should enable the police to carry out their investigations without putting woman at further risk.

In the defence of the men, as long as the violence is logged in a register stating when the violence took place and the history of the injuries received by the woman are recorded, then only should the authorities act upon it and treat it seriously.

Remember it is not unknown for a women to commit violence on her partner either and it has been known for false accusations to have been made too.

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Movie Stars

Wow! Our little City of Peterborough is going Hollywood this morning!!!  Todays guest on Heart Radio is Denzel Washington. LOL a Hollywood movie star.....whatever next?! ;o)

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I sat down to watch the film 'The Rebound' this evening and I really enjoyed it. The film starred Catherine Zeta Jones.  The story told of a young[ish] woman aged in her mid 40's  and how she falls for the male nanny.  Unfortunate events leads to them parting and going their own seperate ways until a twist of fate leads them to bump into each other once again. :)  If you have not yet seen the film, it is well worth a watch.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


As a toddler my family nicknamed me 'Froggie.'   It's not because I am French or anything like that (some folk call the French, Frogs), although way back in history my maternal grandfather had French connections/blood. :)

I was nicknamed Froggie because apparently I used to leap around like a frog when I was a child, so my grandmother thought it an affectionate name for me. :)

Froggie Went A Courtin'   :)

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Thank You ;o)

Did I tell you all that I could speak a little French. ;)

Merci = Thank you. :)

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"Bad Boys"

I've just listened to "Bad Boys" by Alexander Burke.:)

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Far Too Cozy!

Ewwww!  I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. I was lying in bed listening to the Olly Murs interview and I was feeling far too cozy.  Cold/Frosty mornings are the worst for waking up to.

PS  Olly Murs came across quite down to earth in his radio interview. :)

I love his new single "Thinking Of Me" :)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Apprentice

I managed to watch the programme this evening. The apprentices spent time in Germany and their task was to sell their home-made crisps to businesses around Hamburg. One group came up with the idea of Curry and Sauerkraut crisps. The Germans seemed to be rather fond of their Curries...hmmm those crisps sound very tasty.. ;)

Do you think Sir Alan could sing this song? ;o)
"Sugar Sugar" by The Archies

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I'm listening to "Safe" by Westlife.

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A Little Education

About time!  The government would like to return to traditional educational values within schools. It has set out wide-ranging plans for school reforms in England.

Blazer and tie rules to become compulsory. There will be traditional prefect and house systems within schools.  New Discipline rules will be enforced, this sounds like a good idea. [smile]  Pupils will be encouraged to take GCSEs in English, maths, a science, a modern language and a humanities subject.

It seems there will be a lot of new changes to the education system. :)

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The first Ashes test between England and Australia begins at Brisbane's Gabba. It starts at 0000 GMT on Thursday. :)

I am not a huge cricket fan, however I can appreciate that the game is very much a gentlemans game and I have attended a couple of small, local cricket matches with my family previously.  Those days can be quite relaxing. Now if only I could understand the gist of the game. ;o)

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New Baby

Less than two years after the death of their son Jet, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are the proud parents of a new baby.:)

Congratulations on the safe arrival of their baby son.. :)

"Baby Love" by The Supremes

SmileyRose x

"Never Can Say Goodbye"

By Gloria Gaynor :o)

SmileyRose  x

Before I Go ;O)

I've just heard that Brian McFadden may be rejoining Westlife. Awww that will be good.   :)

"Reunited" by Peaches and Herb :)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Going To Take A Little Break!

....From blogging for a while. See you anon. ;)

"Break Free" by Queen

SmileyRose  x

I'll Let You All Into A Secret :)

Shhhhhh Mums the word ;)

When I'm feeling slightly bored and down, I always switch the radio on and I do a little jig in the kitchen whilst I'm preparing dinner...then I sing along to some of my favourite songs.

You wouldn't catch me going Loco In Acapulco ;)

I would sometimes sing in my parents Garage with an old friend of the family. ;)
"Yesterday Once More" by The Carpenters

SmileyRose   x

"Music Was My First Love"

By John Miles :)

For those of you who don't already know me, music was indeed my first love and it will be my last.....:)

One of my earliest memories was indeed dancing to "She Loves You" by the Beatles. I could barely walk as I was a young toddler at the time. ;)

When I was a young girl I was forever singing and dancing. Not in public I'll hasten to add because I was a fairly shy child. :)

When I started my first job I saved for a brand new stereo record player. My first player was a 'Fidelity' player.  I then rushed down to the Stamford Music Shop and I began my collection of albums and singles. I recorded them all in a little orange book. I've been fond of music ever since.

I have a great fondness of old musicals too. My favourites are Gershwin, Rogers & Hammerstein and of course Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. :)

Quite often you will find me listening to the radio when I am at home. I've loved listening to a number of the radio DJ's over the years. To name just a few:  Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart, Terry Wogan, Noel Edmunds, Tony Blackburn, Kid Jensen, Steve Wright, Dave Lee Travis (The Hairy Monster), Jimmy Saville, Jimmy Young, Some of those from Rutland Radio, Some of those from Classic FM, Some of those from Gold and some of those from Heart Radio. :)

SmileyRose  x

"Thank You For The Music"

By Abba

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Honoured With An Award

Well done Simon Cowell who has been honoured with an International Emmy award in recognition of his television work.  Goodness! This man is now a superstar *Curtseys*  :o)

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"Better Than Today"

by Kylie Minogue. This song is really growing on me. I've heard it about three times today and I really like it. It seems to get my feet tapping :)

PS Just call me Aphrodite. ;)

SmileyRose  x

St Catherines's Day

Wow!  The Royal Wedding date was announced today.  It will take place on April 29th next year....and not on April 1st as I originally heard. ;)

Awwww St Catherine's daughters will be a public holiday. :)

Ok all brides-to-be, you can now arrange your own wedding day so that it does not clash with Prince William and Kate Middleton's Wedding day. ;)

SmileyRose  x

My New Hairstyle

I think I like it...the highlights are my favourites. :)

"Love Plus One" by Haircut 100 ;)

"Land Of A Thousand Words" by The Scissor Sisters

SmileyRose  x

The Perfect English Gentleman


Actor Colin Firth has recently revealed that there is no such thing as the stereotypical English Gentleman except for the ones we see in the films. :(

Ladies! Darcy is not real and Colin Firth admits to it only being a character he has played in his films. Real true gentleman are a thing of the past so it seems. :(

I was so hoping that one day I would meet my Darcy. :)

Does this mean there will be no more opening car doors and pulling out seats for a lady?

Ewwwww There must be at least one out there?  In fact I know a few exist, however they're either a little too old for me or they're too young.  Just the other day a nice gentlemanly lad held the door open for me and yesterday a lovely elderly gentleman bought me a cup of coffee and he even offered to buy me a kitkat. :)  I think perhaps Mr Firth was referring to those guys  within the age group of the 35 to 50 year olds whereby there are much fewer gentlemen around. :)

SmileyRose  x

"A Million Love Songs"

I'm listening to "A Million Love Songs" by Take That

SmileyRose x

Monday, November 22, 2010

Biology Lessons

The 10th grade teacher asks Jill: "What part of the human body increases to 10 times its normal size when excited?"

Jill responds: "That's disgusting! I don't have to answer that question!"

So the teacher asks little Kimmy, who responds: "That's easy...the pupil of the eye." "That's correct, Kimmy. Very good!"

And turning to Jill, she says: "I've three things to say to you, young lady... first, you didn't do your homework; second, you have a dirty mind; and third, you're in for a big disappointment!"

SmileyRose   x

"I'll Make Love To You"

I'm listening to "I'll Make Love To You" by Boyz II Men.  Such a good band.

SmileyRose x

"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

Hmmm it's that time of year again and I'm thinking really hard about what I'd like to buy my children for Christmas. They have 'never' asked for anything and I'm so proud of them both because neither have been particularly materialistic when it comes to gifts. They have never actually asked me for anything in particular, not even when they were much younger...and they've usually been very grateful for whatever they've received.  I would like to get them something really special this Christmas, because they both deserve it....but what? :o) 

Maybe they both have a wish.... if only their hearts would make it come true. ;)

"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" by Michael Bolton (Such a fab voice) ;)

SmileyRose  x

"Saving All My Love For You"

LOL I'm listening to the "Hugh" song... by Whitney Houston. ;o)

SmileyRose  x


I'm listening to "Jump" by The Pointer Sisters :)

SmileyRose x

Some More Hairy Stories!

A guy was teased everywhere of his totally noticably bald head! After going through years of this, he decided that he should say something about it! So he stood on top of the tallest statue and he shouted for everyone to hear: 'I AM NOT BALD, IT'S JUST THAT IM TALLER THAN MY HAIR!' ;o)

Customer: Couldn't you see I was going bald?
Barber: No, the shine from your head blinded me.

Two mates at a pub having a beer when the bald one starts complaining about being bald. The other guy suggests he have a transplant operation. The bald guy told him that he couldn't afford it. His mate then suggested he should have some rabbits tattooed on his head. The bald guy wanted to know how this would help matters? His mate was quick to answer "From a distance they will look like hares." (hairs). :)

SmileyRose  x

Ok Guys! Hot or What? ;o)

Image Source

Are you all looking for some "Hairy Stuff" I mean... "Hot Stuff" ??????  ;o)

SmileyRose  x

Worried Brides To Be!

I recently read a newspaper article about the many brides all over the country and how they are all worried about their wedding day next year. They worry that their day will be overshadowed by the Royal Wedding.  I see no reason why brides should worry themselves over this, as everyone knows that their wedding cannot possibly be compared with a Royal Wedding.  Besides, they're all going to be the centre of attention on their big day and all eyes will be focussed on them by their own wedding party....or one would hope that it would be. ;) 

I suppose they fear in case their wedding day clashes with the Royal Wedding day.  I suppose the sooner everyone knows of a date for the big event, then they can plan their day, on a different I assume all eyes will be on the The Prince and his Royal Bride, one day next year.  :)

Click Here: Wedding Bells by Godley & Creme

SmileyRose  x

'Out Of This World'

Hey! The new JLS album  'Out Of this World' is released today.  :)

SmileyRose  x

"The King And I"

"Hello Young Lovers"

I have always love the film "The King And I"....I loved all of the songs from the film too.

In fact 'The King and I" was the first Westend theatre show I ever went to watch as a teenager with my Mother and Father.  It actually starred the wonderful actor Yul Bryner and Virginia Mckenna. :) I loved the show. :)

"Hello Young Lovers" from The King and I

SmileyRose x

"Merry Christmas Everybody"

Let's have another Christmas song. :)

"Merry Christmas Everybody"

SmileyRose  x

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Male Menopause

I recently found the below article on the internet. I hope that this helps some of you out there. :)

Click here to read original article :)

Have you noticed your father, brother, or partner acting strangely lately? Does he forget things, seem lethargic, or wake up sweating? If so, he may be suffering from male menopause. While this likely sounds unbelievable to most women, more and more people are suggesting that male menopause really does exist. Like female menopause, menopause in men seems to involve a drop in hormone levels around middle age. Often referred to with contempt as the "mid-life crisis," men may really be suffering from a documented illness. So grab the man in your life and make him aware of what he may be facing when he reaches middle age.

What is Male Menopause?

Male menopause, also called andropause, refers to a gradual decline in a man's testosterone levels. Not all men will go through andropause and it is unknown why those that will, do. Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is responsible for creating and releasing sperm, initiating sex drive and providing muscular strength.

Hormone levels tend to peak around the ages of 15 to 18 in most males. Sometime during his mid to late 20s, a man's hormone levels will begin to drop slowly. Usually, these hormone levels will remain at a healthy level, but some men will see their testosterone levels drop significantly by the time they are 40. By age 50, half of all men will experience a significant reduction in testosterone levels, causing a variety of uncomfortable ailments.

Causes of Male Menopause

Male menopause can occur naturally in some men. More often than not, though, andropause is triggered by illness, depression, dementia, and obesity. Certain diseases that attack the heart and lungs also seem to affect the production of testosterone. Men who have had autoimmune diseases or cancer seem to be at an increased risk for low testosterone levels.

Andropause vs. Menopause

Menopause in men is not entirely similar to female menopause. Female menopause involves the complete decline of sex hormones. During menopause, your estrogen levels will decrease and then disappear, causing acute symptoms and the complete loss of fertility. Men will never lose their fertility completely during andropause. Testosterone will continue to be produced, as will sperm, permitting a man to have children well into his 80s. For this reason, there is much debate over whether this testosterone drop should be referred to as the male "menopause."

What are the Symptoms of Male Menopause?

Male menopause symptoms are very similar to those experienced by women during menopause, only much less intense. Common menopause symptoms include hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, muscle and joint aches. Men also suffer from emotional symptoms like mood swings, irritability, depression, and listlessness.

Sex and menopause in men is also an issue of concern. The most common symptom experienced by men with low testosterone is a diminished sex drive. 80% of men with documented andropause complain of low libido and an inability to maintain a strong erection. Like women going through menopause, men can begin to feel like they no longer enjoy sex. If this is the case, a visit to the doctor can really help men to feel more in control of their physical and sexual wellbeing.

Treatment Options

Men often do not seek treatment for andropause. A lot of men feel uncomfortable speaking about their symptoms and, in the past, doctors haven't taken men's menopause seriously. Signs of menopause in men can also be difficult to diagnose. Thanks to new studies, though, doctors have become more aware of this problem and are beginning to realize the importance of treatment.

The primary treatment for andropause is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Like estrogen replacement in women, testosterone replacement aims to bring hormonal levels back up to a healthy level. Once testosterone levels are increased, most men begin to experience fewer symptoms. Unfortunately, testosterone replacement doesn't always work well to combat erectile dysfunction. Because this is such a severe symptom for most men, other treatments for erectile dysfunction should be investigated.

It is important for men to understand what is happening to their bodies as they age. Andropause does not affect all men and its symptoms have varying degrees of severity. However, if you know someone who is affected by andropause, encourage him to talk about his symptoms with a doctor.

"Doctor Doctor" by The Thompson Twins

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'Death of the Christmas Party'

I've just been reading a recent newspaper article re how some companies are tightening their belts to recover from the recession. Researchers reveal that about 4 in 10 business were planning to scrap Christmas parties. The survey questioned almost 2,000 British bosses.

So we can't really call it 'The Party Season' any more.  How about 'The Down In The Dumps Season'. ;)

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X-Factor - "Heroes"

It was really sad that Paije was voted off the show this evening. In my opinion, he gave the best performance out of the two acts in the sing-off this evening. I really don't think three of those judges were being honest.

The act which should have been voted off this evening was the tearful one, she wasn't singing her best at all.

I am very sympathetic when it comes to seeing folk cry, however that young girl seems to take it all too seriously. She looks as if she is making herself ill over it all. I'm a Mother and I really don't like to see kids like this going through so much stress. She knew she was entering a competition and unfortunately not everyone can be a winner. Sad but true.

I simply love this song "Heroes"'s the old David Bowie song. It is brilliantly sung by all of the X Factor contestants. :)

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Help Preserve 300 Years Of Military History

Click Here

A public appeal for the Highlanders' Museum, which holds one of the largest armed forces collections in Britain but is in desperate need of a £3million renovation.

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"Thinking About Me"

by Olly Murs. It's his latest song and I really love it. :)

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X-Factor Outburst!

One wonders what Cheryl Coles' problem was on tonight’s X-Factor show? I really think she made herself look bad on the programme.

If Cheryl did not think Wagners comment about her being brought up on a council estate was so bad, then why get so defensive? If she was so proud of her roots then Wagners comment about her being a girl who got lucky after being brought up on a council estate, should have made her feel proud....surely? *Tuts* Quite obviously she felt bad about it for her to make a 'shoddy' remark about such a thing which to me seemed so trivial. She really has been letting herself down recently.

PS  Mary was definitely my favourite act this week and I loved all of the Beatles songs. :)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

"All The Lovers"

I'm listening to "All The Lovers" by Kylie Minogue.

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"Haven't Met You Yet"

I'm listening to "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble.

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Note Jokes

Found on the Refrigerator One Morning :

My Dear Wife,
You will surely understand that I have certain needs that you, being 54
years old, can no longer satisfy. I am very happy with you and I value
you as a good wife. Therefore, after reading this letter, I hope that you
will not wrongly interpret the fact that I will be spending the evening
with my 18 year old secretary at the Comfort Inn Hotel. Please don't be
upset----I shall be home before midnight.

When the man came home late that night, he found the following note on the dining room table:

My Dear Husband,
I received your note and thank you for your honesty
about my being 54 years old. I would like to take this opportunity to
remind you that you are also 54 years old. As you know, I am a maths
teacher at our local college. I would like to inform you that while you
read this, I will be at the Hotel Fiesta with Michael, one of my
students, who is also the assistant tennis coach. He is young, virile,
and like your secretary, is 18 years old.
As a successful businessman who has an excellent knowledge of maths, you
will understand that we are in the same situation, although with one small
difference - 18 goes into 54 a lot more times than 54 goes into 18.
Therefore, I will not be home until sometime tomorrow.

PS  Please note that in real life...i am NOT 50 yrs old yet and this has no bearings of actual events in my life. ;)

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The Christmas Season Is Here

Time for another favourite Christmas song. :)

"Last Christmas" by Wham

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Meeting More Nice Folk!

I met another nice lady at the bus stop today.  She was a nice family person, just like myself. It was nice to share some good conversation together and thanks for the good tip. ;)

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I Feel Good!

Thanks to my hairdresser who did my hair today.  Heck!  It was so nice to see someone older than 30 years old in the salon attending to my hair today.  Not that there is anything wrong with having youngsters do my hair, however I like to see a good mixture and  whenever I have been to a hairdressers more recently,  there have often 'only' been youngsters in the salon. It's much nicer to speak to those who are a little older and mature whilst you're having your hair done these days.....particularly as I have reached the age of maturity myself. ;) 

Hey mum...nice having coffee and a chat with you earlier at John Lewis. ;)

Ps  Love the highlights. ;)

"I Feel Good" by James Brown

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I'm listening to "Safe" by Westlife. I love this song. ;)

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"I (Don't) Swear" :)

I'm listening to "I Swear" by Boyz II Men.

I don't like to swear actually. :)

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I hear you speak posh english, is this true?

LOL I wouldn't call it a 'Posh English' accent, although many others tell me this on a regular basis. I would say that I try to speak correctly much of the time. I do not have a regional accent of any kind as I've tended to move around with my dad when he was in the RAF, therefore many folk presume I am posh because of the way I speak. The family home I grew up in was an average sized three bedroom detached family home in the middle of Stamford, Lincolnshire. I also attended school in Stamford. Although my parents both worked hard for a living and they owned their own home, I wouldn't say it was an overly huge home, therefore I am not all that posh....not really. :)

Prior to the above, my father who was in the RAF was stationed at RAF North Luffenham and it was from here that I attended a school in Uppingham. We lived in Rutland for a few years.  :)

I never attended any of the private schools because my parents were not that rich. :)

'Both' of my children have grown up in the similar manner as I did as a child. :)

what do you think about those living in England learning to speak the language properly?

I am a firm believer that 'if' someone intends living in a country permanently, then they should learn how to speak the language. If I were planning to reside in another country I would go to college and learn the language of the country I intended living in permanently. Presently, I think far too much tax payers money goes out to those who do not speak the language properly. Although I was not living in France, I remember being interested in the language when I was younger and I paid to attend basic French classes at the Peterborough Regional College. It was something I chose to do. I do not speak the language fluently, however I at least took an interest because I liked the language.

PS I lived in Cyprus as a youngster (10yrs old) and I had a couple of very good friends who helped teach me the Cypriot language. I still remember a few of the very basic words. So much so, when I visited Cyrpus with family members a couple of years ago, I actually knew a few Cypriot words already.  :)

Which country did your past husband find you in before he married you? were you an online bride?

LOL No I was not an online bride and my ex husband did not need to go to any other country/through such great lengths in order to find me before he married me.

I presume you have asked the question because I look slightly foreign looking? :)

I am a British subject in my own rights. I grew up in England and I have only ever attended English schools ever since I was old enough to attend school (aged 5yrs old)....just like yourself I'm presuming. :)

I was quite independent when my ex husband met me. I had been working in England for a number of years before we met each other (when I was almost 26yrs old). I'd been fairly well travelled and by the time I was ready to settle down and have children with my then husband I felt I had done rather a lot before I married.

I'm not altogether fond of those who get married purely for an English passport/to stay in the country. I am more in agreement to those who prove themselves worthy of working in the workforce here and contributing to the system before they take anything out of it ......before they are made permanent residents in the country.

I think someone choosing to become a British citizen should be living/working within the country for at least 10yrs before they are made a permanent citizen here. There should be some kind of system whereby folk pay into the system before they are entitled to receive maximum benefits too.

Children In Need

I hope you've all been donating some of your money to 'Children In Need.'

If you haven't yet, it's not too late. :o)


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"Dancing Queen"

I am listening to "Dancing Queen" by Abba

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Marrying Someone Who Has Been A Main Influence In Your Life

LOL it has recently been revealed that some males are likely to marry a woman who reminds them of their nanny.  Apparently, a man is likely to feel close to a woman who has been a main influence within his life.

OOO errrrr!  One wonders if a man has mostly been influenced by his own Mother and he hasn't had a nanny to help bring him up/or there isn't another woman who has been a main influence in his life, is he more likely to marry a woman who reminds him of his mother? :)

When I think back to when I was married and my then husband married me, he married someone who had 'exactly' the same name as his own mother. Once we were married we even shared the same surname. Now that must have been a huge reminder of his mother. ;)

Ps We did not look alike, not in the slightest. ;)

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"Your Song"

I'm listening to "Your Song" by Ellie's the new John Lewis advertisement song. I really like it. :)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Know You "Can Can" So Do It!

Whilst on my return bus journey home yesterday evening I noticed an empty drinks can rolling around on the floor of the bus.  I picked the can up as I left the bus and threw it away in a nearby dustbin. I do wish folk would learn to pick up their own rubbish and throw it away before they leave. *Tuts*

"Can Can" music by Offenbach

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I have just been listening to "Safe" by Westlife. I'm loving this song. :)

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Love Train"

I'm listening to "Love Train" by The O'Jays.

Climb aboard. ;)

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"Some Day My Prince Will Come"

Psychic Powers

Did you all know that a recent study found that ordinary folk such as you and I may have psychic powers?

Research suggests that it's not just a trick the fairground fortune tellers are able to tell us. It seem that we all have the power to tell our own future. :)

OMG! You all know what this means? It means I'm going to marry the man of my dreams. I'm going to have a beautiful life and I'm going to live happily ever after. The End. :o)

*Sigh*  "Some Day My Prince Will Come" ..from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs ;)

"Que Sera Sera" by Doris Day

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"The Circle Of Life"

The Zoo

I managed to watch 'The Zoo' yesterday evening on the TV.  What a fabulous programme!

I have visited The London Zoo on a number of occasions over the years, either with family members or with friends. I was interested to watch the programme because it featured The London Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in England. The programme also featured Whipsnade Zoo.  I have visited the zoos over the years and my children have enjoyed the visit to both.

I was interested to see the Lion cub named 'Ruby' on the programme. She was such a cutie. ;)  Hehe my birthsign is indeed 'Leo The Lion' and my birthstone is of course a 'Ruby.' :)

I also loved the asian elephant who gave birth to her calf live on TV. Wow! it happened so quickly, as fast as you could say "supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus".... and out he popped. ;)  If only all births were like that. :)

Below: Me at London Zoo earlier this year. Please note that I'm the brunette and not the monkey. ;) :)

Lion King "The Circle Of Life" :)

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Progress! Take That!

Take That and their long awaited album has sold 235,000 copies since it was released earlier this week. It's selling like hotcakes. ;)

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Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton. :)

It was recently announced to the world that both Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry sometime next year.  Kate Middleton will wear Princess Diana's engagement ring. They were engaged in Kenya about a month ago. After they marry, both will live in north Wales, where Prince William will continue to serve with the Royal Air Force. :)

This sounds like the kind of song The Prince might be singing...."Congratulations" ;)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Here It Is....Let The Christmas Songs Begin :)

"Mistletoe and Wine" by Cliff Richard

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. Now where's this years Christmas song Cliff...I miss them? :)

Another favourite Christmas Song, it reminds me of when my dad used to sing the song too.:)
"White Christmas" by Bing Crosby ;)

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"Of Thee I Sing: A Letter To My Daughters"

The opening of the childrens' book “Have I told you lately how wonderful you are? How the sound of your feet running from afar brings dancing rhythms to my day?”  The book is written by Barack Obama and it was apparently written just before Mr Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.  It looks like a great little book and It goes on sale today. :)

Proceeds from the book are going to a scholarship fund for the children of fallen and disabled soldiers.

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"Ladies Night"

by Kool and The Gang

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Dancing Cheek To Cheek

Not so long ago I attended a dance class, just for a day.  LOL I was surprised to see my old needlework teacher from my school days, she was teaching the dance class.  I was the only one without a partner on the day and so I danced with her, with my two left feet. :) I've never danced that close with another female before, however it was quite ok as she seemed nice and motherly. She seemed to enjoy steering me in the right direction so to speak. She was always a favourite teacher at school so getting close and personal with her didn't seem too distressing at the time. ;o)

"Cheek to Cheek" by Fred Astair

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"Feel My Love"

I'm listening to "Feel My Love" by Adele.

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Such A Lovely Song

Aww I have just been listening to the song "Me and Mrs Jones" by Billy Paul/also recorded by Michael Buble. It reminds me of an old school friend and her mum, Mrs Jones.  Sadly Mrs Jones died not so long ago. I feel sure that last year must have been a terrible year for the Jones family. She was a very sweet lady who came from my home town. The last time I saw Mrs Jones was just shortly before I moved away.  I remember her giving me a huge 'motherly' hug in the middle of town.  She always did such lovely things like that. She felt very warm and she always seemed to welcome me into her family. It was a shock to learn of her death and it left me feeling very upset for my friend. Bereavement and losing ones Mother can't be very easy.  I have very fond memories of her and the time she took both myself and my friend to Skegness for the day. We were teenagers at the time and we had a super day together. I'd sometimes meet my friend with her mother at a cafe and we'd drink pots of tea together.  It all seems like only yesterday. She's sadly missed by me and she'll be forever in my thoughts and in my prayers. All of my love to a very beautiful family X

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Aphrodite's Child

"The Four Horseman" by Aphrodite's Child.

A friend introduced me to this band recently and I must admit that I really like the song. It's fabulous. :)

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"A Million Love Songs"

I've just been listening to "A Million Love Songs" by Take That

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"The Queen Of Pop"

Ok let's pretend that Mummy is the "Queen of Pop" now let's see how you curtsey for me.

Photo: Me

That's my girl! ;)

Video of Lauren: A few years ago. :)

"Queen Of My Heart" by Westlife :)

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Let's Rock! ;o)

My niece Angel when she was a baby....along with myself and a little bit of Lauren, doing the commentary. :)

"Crocodile Rock" by Elton John

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The New Peterborough City Hospital

The new Peterborough City Hospital opens its doors to patients this morning.  It was revealed recently that the move may take up to three weeks before completing. The first move will be the old Edith Cavell hospital moving to the new premises, then gradually the Peterborough District Hospital will move along with all the other services.

This is exciting times for Peterborough as it's been a number of years since a project as expensive as this has taken place. It is one of the most expensive projects to take place here since the Peterborough Cathedral was built. :)

Hmmm I wonder what will become of the old District hospital?  I would have liked to have seen a new Peterborough City University, it is an ideally located place for one.  Who knows?  We will have to wait and see. :)

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Don't Laugh At Me

I see that I've created a small audience and I know how some folk like to laugh at me sometimes. That's all very well because I don't know who all of you are which makes it all terribly unfair that you're all laughing at me. At least i'm brave enough to write in an honest manner. Whether or not you like what I've blogged or you've not liked it as the case may be, it's still terribly unfair of you to laugh at someone else when they don't know who you are.:)

"Don't Laugh At Me" by Norman Wisdom

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just Having A Giggle ;O)

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I've had some good and bad neighbours over the years.....mostly good I'll hasten to add.  Some of them have been very considerate to say the very least.  To all of my 'Good' neighbours, past and's a little song which reminds me of you all.. :)

Hehe I remember watching the very first episode of the Austrailian Soap Neighbours a number of years ago. I was working for a large establishment which had a TV room. I often used to frequent the room with a number of the other girls from the Administration Department. We'd sometimes sit together and watch Neighbours. LOL can anyone remember Mrs Mangle and Joe Mangle? Aww then there was Madge and Harold too....and of course there was Charlene and Scot and the wedding? was a great way to spend your lunch hour. ;)

Ps How could I forget 'Bouncer'. ;)

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Meeting New Folk At The Bus "Stop" :)

It is surprising just who you meet at the bus stop sometimes.  I've met some nice folk just by standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus. There are some friendly folk around. ;)

"Stop" by The Spice Girls :)

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The X-Factor

The X Factor contestants began tonights show singing a fabulous song this evening. I really liked it. :)

On the show were three of my 'all time' favourite bands. :)

Wow! :o)

First on stage were JLS who sang their current single "Love You More" ....they were winners of last years X Factor show and I was fortunate enough to see them sing live with one of my daughters at the Peterborough Embankment earlier this year. :o)

Next were: Westlife singing their new single "Safe." We haven't seen much of them recently, but it's good to see them back with a simply beautiful song. :o)

Last but not least were Take That singing their new single "The Flood"...a great song. The new single marks the reunion with Robbie Williams after 16 years of being apart. They are all currently planning their tour next year. Excitement.  :o)

The Results

Yet again Katy was in the  'Sing off'...this time along with Aiden.

The final decision was made by the public after the four judges voted two votes apiece. The results went to a deadlock and the act who went home this evening was Aiden. That was so sad as I don't think either act deserved to go home this week. Katy did sing the best in the 'Sing off' this evening, but Aiden has been so good throughout the show. Katy reminds me of Lt Columbo (Peter Falk), she never can say goodbye. ;)

If you ask me, I would have voted Wagner off the show this evening. I'm amazed he is still in the running...but he is kind of entertaining in a funny sense. If you have a warped sense of humour...then I suppose he's good.  ;)

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"The Flood"

I'm listening to "The Flood" by Take That

It reminds me when I once cried a "Flood" of tears until I couldn't cry any more.

A fabulous song. It marks Robbie Williams return to the band after 16 years of being apart.

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"Safe" By Westlife. Simply beautiful. :)

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"Love You More"

I've just been listening to "Love You More" by JLS

I love the song. It's currently number 2 in the charts....the position all of the best songs seem to reach. ;) :)

It's also the official 'Children In Need' song. Love it. :)

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Raises Eyebrows :)

I've just been reading about Matt Cardle from the X-Factor and his recent relationship break up with his girlfriend.  She seems to be very upset by the news of the break-up and quite rightly so, however which would she rather have..a man who sticks with her even though he's not in love with her/ happy being with her or is it better to end their relationship and go their separate ways?  Wouldn't she much rather be with someone who truly loves her? They are both still very young, it's not like they were married or they had children together.  After the initial hurt she should try to get over it. It's always hard to get over any relationship breakup, however it is much easier to move on if there are no marriages/children involved.

As for him being older than his present squeeze, I think the remark made by his ex was rather 'catty' to say the least. I know plenty of relationships which have lasted and the male has been older than the female. Besides, some women look much younger for their ages these days.  It's not the age which matters, it's the maturity of the two people who are having the relationship together which counts the most. Perhaps his ex just wasn't mature enough for him. ;)

Matt is a good singer and I hope he goes on to do really well in the X-Factor. He's a favourite. :)

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"Your Song"

I'm loving the new John Lewis advert song "Your Song"....It's the old Elton John song. :)

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When it comes to bringing up the children I was always very cautious in whom I allowed to look after my own children.

I allowed only trusted folk to care for my children, even if they went to play at their friend’s home for a few hours. When they were older and they had the odd sleepover I was a little more relaxed as long as my children were with those whom I felt were trustworthy...besides, the children were much older by this stage and they were able to talk and communicate and they were able to say if anything untoward was occurring. I most certainly 'never' had a childminder/nanny for either of my children when they were young. I worried constantly about leaving the children with anyone untrustworthy, mainly because I cared so much for them and I could not bare anyone else bringing any harm to them. Even when they were older I still remained their full time mother until they were both coming up for secondary school age.

I did not allow anyone else other than family members to look after my children if it were more than a day or two. We never employed a nanny to take care of them and the only occasion I think nannies are fine is if they are helping out whilst in my presence/company. A works crèche/nursery school is great once a child is old enough however i am not very fond of them if a child is still very young i.e., when they're still babies/toddlers. Babies and the very young toddlers can be so demanding and they need their mothers/fathers attention at that age. I really feel that they are not getting the same individual attention from staff like they would be from their parents/family members. I know there are some exceptions to this rule, however I am a firm believer that very young children will thrive much better from their own family/family members because they are in their own environment and they are likely to feel more comfortable and happier within their own homes with their family members.

I suppose if you are among the very wealthy, then you are likely to have the best there is when it comes to childcare, however not all of us are that fortunate enough to be able to afford the very best in childcare, therefore I was likely to be more cautious about who looked after my children.

Did anyone watch 'The Hand That Rocks the Cradle' or 'Nannies from Hell?' Ewwwww try not to have nightmares if you ever get around to watching them. I'm sure there are some good nannies/childminders, but remember, there are plenty who are not as good.

I looked after both of my children for no wages however I felt comforted in the knowledge that they were both within a safe and happy environment. They were both wrapped up with both mine and my then husbands love and warmth. We spent as much time with our children as we possibly could because we 'both' chose to have a family together. If my children were not important to me can you imagine how much better off I could have been with all of the extra cash I could have earned had I been at full time work? There are times when money isn't as important when it comes to loving and caring for someone you truly have feelings for.:)

I did get plenty of satisfaction from doing the odd little jobs when the children were just that little bit older...they were jobs I chose to do whilst away from full time paid employment. I did some voluntary work within the pre-schools whilst the children attended the same and I worked part time for one and a half days a week within the knitwear department of a huge department store. I also became an Avon Representative for a short period of time. In fact my daughters’ would sometimes help me pack the make-up into the bags and they would come with me when I went out to deliver the items sometimes.:)

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