Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Favourite TV and Radio Presenters...

...are all of those presenters who have the lovely sounding BBC voices....you can't beat them. They always sound so clear and nicely spoken. I actually enjoy listening to all of those clear and precisely spoken folk the best.  :)

I am far more inclined to listen to someone who narrates a programme when they have a clear and well spoken voice, otherwise it is less likely to sink in. I love it a lot more when there is a little humour added into the narration too. ;)

Whenever I have visited abroad, I am quite often complimented by my English accent.  Most folk abroad actually love listening to a clearly spoken English accent, as it is much easier for them to learn/understand the English language when they hear it clearly spoken. I have been informed of this by some of the foreign acquaintances/friends I have had great pleasure in meeting over the years. I have heard it mentioned that when they speak to some British folk who have strong regional accents, then they find it much harder to understand the person they are speaking to.

I suppose this is quite often the case as I find it a hard job to understand some of those strong British regional accents myself sometimes. ;) :)

SmileyRose  x


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Frances R. A. Napper said...

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