Saturday, December 18, 2010

Car Break Down Service

I am a huge believer in taking out a car breakdown cover just in case the car ever breaks down when you least expect it to. When I first began driving back in the 1980's I took out an RAC breakdown cover. The RAC were always good to me and they were usually promt to help me whenever I needed the help.  Right throughout my marriage, the vehicle my then husband and I drove together was also covered by the RAC. It was my fathers suggestion that I have a breakdown cover right from the time I first owned my own car.  He had always been with the RAC also so he was able to advise me when it came to looking for the best cover for my vehicle. 

I am still with the same breakdown service all of these years later....however I'm hoping I won't need to use them in a hurry.  :o)

Click Here: RAC Breakdown Cover

I can't believe that some folk actually drive their vehicles around without insuring or even taxing their cars. Both are equally as important when it comes to driving cars.

Click Here: DVLC

"Cars" by Gary Newman

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