Monday, December 06, 2010

Children Growing Up Too Soon

I've heard recently that some parents are encouraging their chillren to dress up like mini adults far too soon. Some childrens clothing places are even selling outfits with a sexual theme to it.

I have also heard that the reason behind this is because many parents are worried about their children not getting into work after they leave full time education. It seems 'sex' sells these days and there are far too many folk encouraging this around the country with all of the new types of clubs etc which have been opening around the various cities. There is too much sex advertised on the internets too.  Some folk are wondering whether or not it is preferable to let their children get into that kind of industry just to make quick and easy money...particularly as lifestyles seem to be changing.

Yes, times have changed since I was a teenager. It seems children are growing up far too soon these days.

I do hope that there will be a number of parents like myself still. Those who will continue to shelter and protect their children by giving them a good upbringing and allowing them to remain children for as long as possible. In my heart I know I am doing the correct thing because I love my children very much.

"The Greatest Love" by Whitney Houston

SmileyRose  x

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