Saturday, December 04, 2010

The X-Factor

Club Songs

Rebecca - "You've Got To Show Me Love" - it was totally the right song and she sang it just beatifully. That lady showed me that she really could sing this week. She was absolutely fabulous!

Mary - I love the song she chose this week. "I Never Can Say Goodbye"...beautifully sung. :)

Matt Cardle I wasn't at all keen on his song this week maybe it wasn't his genre. I know poor Matt had a cold, but I actually thought it was the wrong song for him to sing. Sorry Matt.

Cher - She didn't chose the best song this week.

One Direction - It was possibly my least favourite performance of theirs on the programme so far, however
it wasn't that bad and I still enjoyed listening to their song.

Second Songs

Matt - It still wasn't the best chosen song but much better than the first song.

Mary - Wow! I love the song "Memories" and it was so well sung by Mary this evening.

Cher - She sang a really tricky song which she seemed to struggle singing it. Yet again the song was not my favourite.

Rebecca - She sang 'Amazing Grace' and she really was amazing. I loved her version of the song and out of all of the contestants this evening, this lady was just brilliant. She is a classy lady who has a class act. She is definitely going far with her singing career. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

One Direction - Fabulous! This Snow Patrol song "Chasing Cars" was definitely a good song choice this evening. Much better!  It's sad about the recent bad news one member of the band has been experiencing recently.

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