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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Have Some Pride!

Having a sense of pride in oneself is very important when it comes to showing a work place/place of employment that you are worthy of going further within a post. That's what it shows me. :)

I am qualified to work within administration/clerical worker. Shortly after I left school when I was searching for work I found that most companies preferred experienced workers. At the time I didn't understand this reasoning, mainly because I'd just qualified within a trade and I was looking for work within that trade.

I realized a few years later that I actually agreed with those companies who only employed someone because they were good at their jobs and because they'd had past experience at their job.

Personally I think just because someone is newly qualified and they have a qualification in hand, it does not necessarily mean that they should all be out there doing the job it says they are capable of doing on their certificate of qualification/s. Not straight away. Quite the contrary really, which is why I think everyone should be forced to go and do a job just to get some experience of working within the workforce.

If you have a trade and you have been working within that trade already, then I don't have a problem with those persons/folk looking for work within that same trade, mainly because they have achieved their experience already and they have proven that they are capable of doing their jobs already. If they have been away from work for a few years taking care of children then it is advisable for those folk just to go back to college to brush up on their skills just to ease them back into work again.

Personally I think those who are not experienced within the workforce, they are more likely to get more satisfaction at finding work within their trade eventually because they have gone out there and they have proven to me that they are not afraid of hard work/any work. As far as I am concerned, a person who has shown that they have some kind of pride in themselves and they have proved to me that they are doing a job because they want to earn a living then they are more likely to prove to me that they are far likely to do a good job. Mainly because they have proved to me that they are not afraid of hard work.

Look at me, I worked in a factory once making underwear for M&S a number of years ago and I worked long hours. I worked hard. I was qualified to work within an office, but apart from just a small certificate showing I'd passed a few exams, it shouldn't have meant that I should walk right into the job I wanted. It's good to get work experience anywhere you can at the time, so that by the time you reach my age, you feel as if you deserve to be working somewhere more suitable.

I have never been unemployed and I have always worked hard for much of my life. I even took up an extra job working behind a bar once, just to earn some money. I think I have proved myself within society and I certainly do not need to prove myself anymore.

I would like to see long term unemployed folk, particularly those who have never had experience within any trade/job previously; even if they are qualified I would like to see them all back at work doing whichever jobs they are capable of doing...provided of course they are fit enough to work. If they are not fit enough to do one job, then they may be fit enough to do another kind of job more suited to whichever disability they have. Who knows? It would be nice to see all of those long term unemployed folk doing some kind of job though.

Losing benefits and thinking you are going to be worse off should not matter, however getting yourself back into work should matter to you, if not for yourself, then for your families. Have some pride!

Employers should look at the history of someone’s work patterns before they employ a person just to see if they have accepted other work previously in order for them to have a reasonable CV. When you are younger it doesn't really matter what you are qualified to do just as long as you show that you are willing to work. Once you are in a job then there is nothing to stop you looking for the job you would like.

As for youngsters looking for their first jobs, I'd be more inclined to look at what a child has done whilst they have attended school if they came to me for a job ie., The Duke Of Edinburgh Awards for instance would make me show a particular interest in a youngster and also if they'd been involved in Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or The Girl Guides. All of this is likely to make me take an even special interest in the youngsters of today, mainly because they would have proven a good interest in other helpful/caring activities outside of the family home. I would need to see proof of their efforts ie., awards, certificates, photos etc before I employed someone as just about anyone can make something up to make their CV's look good. I would be far more interested in the truth though. :)

Dib dib dib dob dob dob
I Promise that I will do my best,
To love my God,
To serve my Queen and my Country,
To help other people
To keep the Guide Law

I would also take a great deal of interest in all of those lovely parents who have encouraged their children to take part in any of the above activities. :)

SmileyRose  x

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