Wednesday, December 01, 2010

"It's Gonna Be A Cold Cold Christmas"

Aww who remembers Dana? :)

For all those mums or dads who won't be spending Christmas with their children/ or all of those folk who will be spending time away from their loved's a little song that says it all. :)

I used to think that nothing could ever spoil Christmas for me. As a child my parents always made the day special  for us all.  It was a day that families all got together and they celebrated the birth of Jesus together.  I remember the first Christmas I spent apart from my children after divorce... it was hell. It was the first time in my life I'd ever felt totally alone. I took time to reflect upon the reasons why or what I'd done as a Mother to deserve that. I'd done everything I possibly could to be a good mother and I asked myself one question, why me?  They say God works in mysterious ways, it doesn't get any more mysterious than that.

It's not the child/rens fault, particularly when they want to try and please both parents, however they can only divide their time with just one parent at a time. Christmas is a time for children so they say, but it's not so hot for the adults. I have now drawn to the conclusion that you don't have to celebrate Christmas on Christmas day anymore.  I tend to celebrate Christmas with my kids whenever I can, which kind of defeats the object of Christmas being a Christian day of celebration I suppose. 

Remember, I have spent Christmas day without my children because divorce kept us apart and it was their turn to spend it with their Dad. Let's not forget those folk who have lost their children through sickness and death....they are the ones my heart goes out to also. Let's all stand united on this one because just spending a day without your child can be hard sometimes. I cry for all of those who have lost a child in this way because nobody deserves that.

Everyone take time to think about those who less fortunate than yourselves this Christmas. x

Christmas can sometimes be the worst time of the year for some families. Gone are those childhood memories of Christmas day being a fun time of the year.

Ho Ho blooming Ho. :)

SmileyRose  x

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