Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Nativity Plays

Aww it's that time of year when all the mums and dads will be attending their childrens first nativity plays.  I remember the watching both of my daughters in their school nativity plays/Christmas plays.  Awww yes I watch both of my daughters in their school nativities and some of the Christmas school plays too.  I loved the time the eldest was a narrator...she was fab. I kept her school video from that day, she was really good.  Also the youngest was one of the singers in her school play, she was fab too.

When I was 5yrs old I played the part of the archangel gabriel.  I had a long speaking part and of course I've been an angel ever since.  The school I was attending at the time was Minden Barracks infant school, Penang. My teacher was Mrs Cuthbertson. The school was attended by a number of RAF children and it was indeed a British School. :)

SmileyRose  x

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