Thursday, December 23, 2010

Putting On Weight Is Likely To Make Your Partner Ditch You! Hmmm Maybe, Maybe Not! ;)

I recently read an article which suggests men are more likely to ditch their partners if they end up eating too many Christmas puds and mince pies over the Christmas period. A survey revealed that just by adding half a stone is enough for their partners to look elsewhere.

A staggering 42per cent of men interviewed said they would be less attracted to their girlfiend if they gained weight, some even willing to ditch their g/f's.

Well ladies, what can  I say?  If a guy is shallow enough to ditch you for such a reason then perhaps it is better you are not with him in the first place. It is far better to stick with a guy who loves you for being you.

Hey ladies, If you happen to lose weight and you end up looking fabulous then the guy who loves you for being you is likely to gain and the one who has ditched you, he's likely to be a loser. ;) :)

I once had a friend who was overweight.  She was unhappy because she did not have a partner and she put it down to her being overweight.  So she went on a strict diet and she managed to lose loads of weight.  She was looking good.  When she reached her target weight there was still no man on the scene.  She stayed slim for around 2 years and still nobody even considered dating her.

Eventually she gave up with the diet and she went back to looking her old self again.  She seemed less concerned about her weight this time around and she decided to to stick at doing what she loved best, eating/dining out.  Maybe it was because she was more contented with life this time around but she finally met the man of her dreams and she was married not all that long ago.

The moral of the story:  She was finally happy with herself and it brought out the best in her. She then met the man of her dreams not because she was slim but because she was contented within. :)   You don't have to look like a super thin model to look and feel good, you just have to think positive. If you love yourself then you will have a happier frame of mind. :)

Why not try this at home! It's not harmful so kids can try it too.  Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say to yourself "I love you you sexy beast." ;o)


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