Sunday, December 26, 2010


I prepared Christmas dinner for my family this year. We invited a friend to samle my home cooking. We watched Top of The Pops and then The Queen's speech before sitting down to dinner.  It seems ever since I was a child even my mother had the habit of watching the Queens speech before dinner....some family traditions are definitely worth continuing. :)  We ate a traditional family Christmas roast dinner with a very nice Christmas pudding for afters.  Whilst looking out of the window during dinner time I noticed that our surroundings outside were lovely and picturesque, particularly as the garden was filled with snow (it was definitely a white Christmas). ;)

The children were pleased with their presents, and so was I. :)

After eating loads we sat down together and we watched some quality TV viewing, my favourites being "The Single Ronnie" LOL it made me chuckle and "Dr Who". :)   "Bridget Jones Diary" was on the TV again this year was nice to have a helping of Hugh too. ;)

During the evening we played a family board game before retiring for the evening. By the way,  I lost! :( The one game I have been missing most in these recent years is everyone having a game of 'Cherades'....I love playing Cherades. I am much better at that game. ;)  We telephoned the rest of the family just to wish them all a Happy Christmas.  They all seemed so close, yet so far away.  :)

I have been totally in relaxed mode this Christmas which is something I have not done for quite some time. 

I'm loving the Christmas festivities and I'm just off to enjoy it some more.

I hope you have all had a perfect Christmas too. :)

SmileyRose  x

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