Thursday, December 02, 2010

So Cheesy! Get A Life!

I find it so sad how some folk try to compare others with that of a celebrity or someone else who is really wealthy.  For goodness sakes get a life!:)

Don't these teenagers etc realize that celebs/the rich folk get paid lots of money to look the way they do?  If they can't look perfect than who else can?  I think celebs/rich folk who have that kind of  money should look near to perfect.  They spend lots of money regularly on their new hair dos, at the gym, wearing designer clothes and make-up.

I'd like to class myself as a 'real' person living in the real world. Even as a teenager I had to work hard for a living, however I was never paid extortionate amounts of money and I received a relatively basic wage, far less than a celeb/professional body would get paid. I have to save up if I want to spend heaps of money.  I spend a relatively small amount of money to look like me.  I have never worn really expensive designer labels because much of my money goes on ordinary living expenses on a day to day basis. I like to save a little too.

I'm not very star struck, nor am I very bothered about looking like anyone else but myself. So all of those teenagers who spend so much of their time trying to be like their favourite celeb etc....remember, your favourite celeb is likely to get paid lots of money to look the way they do.  :)

SmileyRose  x

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I live in the real world said...

Don't speak to me about those rich folk smiley. They're often the ones who complain the most about the ordinary folk the ones who work hard for a living. They've probs never worked in their lives but are always the first to complain. they should get a life!