Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Travel Problems

The other day I called the RAC to come out to me for a home start.  I'd had a few battery problems, however a new battery seems to have sorted the problem now. The RAC were with me within 25 minutes, they were really prompt. :)

There's just one fault I have with the call out service like this.  If you have problems with your vehicles whilst away from home and you want roadside assistance, it can seem to take forever getting through to RAC on your mobile telephone when they are busy. Just ringing them from your mobile telephone seems to eat into your credit!  This is not at all good for those folk who are on a limited budget and who are just trying to 'call' someone out to their vehicles.  Companies such as Orange charge you just to call RAC and if your credit happens to run out or if you did not have your credit card with you to top up at the time then you're in trouble.  Not good at all.

Thankfully the car is working great again and thanks to St Nicholas for showing me how an immobolizer works. :)

SmileyRose x

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