Thursday, December 30, 2010


I was recently looking at some wedding photos on the Daily Mail site. I noticed how one maid of honour wore a white lacy dress to her best friends wedding.  She didn't outshine the bride, however she looked sweet and pretty wearing the dress.

I too attended one of my close friends weddings once. I was the maid of honour and I wore a pretty little lace creamy coloured dress.  I most certainly didn't outshine the bride on her day, however it was a pretty dress just the same. :)

The same friend once heard me singing in the kitchen whilst I was washing dishes one evening.  LOL I tricked her into thinking that I'd made the song up when she asked who sang it. LOL I think she was really impressed by my singing. ;)

This is the famous song I sang that evening. I love the song. :)

"Rock N Roll Waltz" by Kay Starr

SmileyRose  x

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