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My name is Frances Rose Agnes Napper aka SmileyRose. I am a friendly and fun loving individual. I like meeting new/old friends. Although I love being with friends, I also enjoy my own space from time to time. I have a number of hobbies. I enjoy taking photographs, going to the theatre, travel (visiting new and exciting places), reading, films and listening to music. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I particularly enjoy it when we all get together. I was a full-time mother for both of my daughters and I did not go back to work until they both reached primary school age. The UK has a lot to offer because there are so many picturesque places to visit. I particularly enjoy the British countryside. My home town was in Stamford, Lincolnshire although I am currently living in Peterborough. My Father was a serving member of the RAF. I'd consider myself well travelled from a very early age (6 months old). Divorced - for 10yrs. Currently single. I am interested in meeting nice folk only. :) Star sign - Leo the Lion. Birthday -July 29th. That's me in a nutshell. :)

Monday, February 28, 2011

I Won't Be Seeing You Later Alligator!!!!

Ewww! Picture this! A woman mopping up the living room floor of her home. She stops for a breather and looks towards the sofa where she sees her three year old son stroking a 1.5 metre-long alligator *Gasps*

When seeing this she grabs her son and runs out of the house fast. She alerts the local fire brigade and the creature is captured, removed from the home where it is released into a river in an environmentally protected area very close to the city. I bet house prices in that area went down drastically. The family, reportedly live near the Para River which is part of the Amazon Rainforest. :)

Apparently if the alligator had been feeling hungry that morning, then her son would have been dinner.

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"Amazing Cat Gives Thumbs Up"

Awww this is amazing. ;)

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"Love You More"

I'm listening to "Love You More" by JLS :)

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"Don't Know Why"

I'm listening to  "Don't Know Why" by a lady with a beautiful voice; Norah Jones :)

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The War Veterans

Let's all pay our respects to the war veterans.

America's last surviving veteran of World War I has died.  Frank Buckles died peacefully of natural causes on Sunday at his home in Charles Town he was the grand old age of 110 years old.  May he rest in peace.

From from daily mail newpaper:
There are only two remaining surviving veterans of World War I - both of whom are British.
Claude Choules, 109, now lives in Australia and said it was an 'honour' to be the last British man standing after Harry Patch died in July 2009. He enlisted with the Royal navy aged just 15 in 1916 and went on to serve on board the battleship HMS Revenge.

Florence Green, 110, is the world's last surviving female veteran of the First World War after serving in the Women's Royal Air Force during the conflict. She joined the Air Force at the age of 17 in 1918, where she served as a waitress. She is one of the ten oldest people in Britain, where she still lives.

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A Lovely Weekend!

I spent the weekend with my youngest daughter. We decided to go clothes shopping together. We managed to pick up a lovely outfit for mum (me) and a pretty little outfit for my daughter. She looked fabulous!   :)

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Would you like children one day or are you not capable of having any more children?

What a question!!! :) I already have two lovely children who are much older now and I am unsure if I would want to go through the whole baby routine again. I did that some time ago. :)

Yes I can physically still have children and I'm quite capable I am sure of producing another if I so wished to, however that would be a little impossible, particularly as I am not in a committed/serious relationship whereby marriage is on the cards right now. I would not have children outside of marriage.

I think two children is ample for me and I would have considered having more children a few years ago, perhaps if I had met someone soon after my marriage ended and the relationship progressed leading to another marriage then I may have considered having more children, but that wasn't to be.

I may consider getting a little dog one day though. :)

What celebrity would you most like to meet in person?

Perhaps someone like Colin Firth. I think he's a fabulous actor. :)

Ask Me Anything, Just As Long As It's Within Reason. :)

My Favourite Oscar Gowns

I simply love to see the photographs of what the ladies were all wearing at the Oscar ceremony. This year was no exception and I enjoyed choosing my favourites. :)

My personal favourites were:

  1. Ann Hathaway's Valentino red dress - Stunning
  2. Sandra Bullock - Very lovely red number
  3. Hall Berri - Dazzling
  4. Hailee Steinfeild - Very Pretty
  5. Gwyneth Paltrow - Shimmering
  6. Mandy Moore - Lovely
  7. Nicole Kidman - Stylish
  8. Selena Gomez - Pretty (Justin Bieber's girlfriend)
  9. Cameron Diaz - Best short dress
  10. Natalie Portman - Best maternity dress
Although I have never attended an Oscar ceremony, I was fortunate to enough to visit the Kodak Theater, Hollywood a couple of years ago during my holiday. I can visualize the exact place where everyone walks the red carpet. :)

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Wow! They Won! Well Done!

I've just heard the news. The Kings Speech won a whopping four Oscars last night.  Well done! 

The Oscars:
  1. Colin Firth for Best Actor
  2. Best Film Director
  3. Best Film
  4. Best Script. :)

Natalie Portman won an Oscar for Best Actress. :)

It was a good night for the Brits so it would seem.

Although I have never attended an Oscar ceremony, I was fortunate to enough to visit the Kodak Theater, Hollywood a couple of years ago during my holiday. I can visualize the exact place where everyone walks the red carpet. :)

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Meeting Mr Right! Perhaps Not. :)

I've just been reading an article re: 'Men Are The Weakest Link' by presenter Anne Robinson. She mentions that it is hard for successful, independent older women to meet a partner that could match them and has vowed she'll never marry again because men just don't seem to meet her expectations. I can associate with some of this. :)

Although I am considerably younger than Ms Robinson, I am still very much an independent woman who is yet to meet a life long partner who can match me. I too will perhaps get rid of any notions of ever getting married again because most men I seem to meet do not fit my expectations. I suppose when you reach a certain age in your life you feel you can afford to be a little more fussy. You're scared of meeting the wrong kind of man who might be interested in you for the wrong reasons. Admittedly I don't try very hard to look for a partner; I never really did so when I was a younger woman either. I suppose I am slowly becoming used to the idea of perhaps remaining single in my more mature years.

I'm unsure if the situation will ever change, certainly not in the near future; however I've resigned myself to perhaps remaning a singleton for a long time, maybe even for good. :)

"Single" by Natash Bedingfield :)

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love Is:

A few well known "Love Is" quotes :)

  • Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.
  • Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
  • Love is that enviable state that knows no envy or vanity, only empathy and a longing to be greater than oneself.
  • Love is the exchange of two fantasies and the contact of two skins. 
  • Love is the expression of simplicity in emotion, the unattainable longing that comes so unexpectedly, with great subtlety and bliss. 
  • Love is the greatest refreshment in life. 
  • Love is the language our hearts use to speak to one another.  
  • Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. 
  • Love is the power that heals the soul and mends hearts.
  • Love is the power which can make you or break you. 
  • Everytime I close my eyes your love is all around.
  •  Love is unconditional. . . Relationships are not.   
  • Love is what you make it.
  • Love is when two people who care for each other get confused.   
  • Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.
  • Love keeps your heart busy.
  • Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. 
  • Love seeketh not Itself to please, Nor for itself hath any care, But for another gives it ease, And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair.  
  • Love simply IS. 
  • Love takes time. It needs a history of giving and receiving, laughing and crying... 
  • Love never promises instant gratification, only ultimate fulfillment. 
  • Love means believing in someone, in something. It supposes a willingness to struggle, to work, to suffer, and to rejoice. Satisfaction and ultimate fulfillment are by-products of dedicated love. They belong only to those who can reach beyond themselves; to whom giving is more important than receiving. 
  • Love is doing everything you can to help others build whatever dreams they have. 
  • Love involves much careful and active listening. It is doing whatever needs to be done, and saving whatever will promote the other's happiness, security, and well-being.
  • Sometimes, love hurts.
  • Love is on a constant journey to what others need. It must be attentive, caring, and open, both to what others say and to what others cannot say... 
  • Love says no with empathy and great compassion.
  • Love is firm, but when needed it must be tender. 
  • When others have tried and failed, love is the hand in yours in your moments of discouragement and disappointment. 
  • Love is reliable.
  • Love is a choice and commitment to others' true and lasting happiness. It is dedicated to growth and fulfillment. Love is not selfish. 
  • Love sometimes fails for lack of wisdom or abundance of weakness, but it forgives, knowing the intentions are good. 
  • Love does not attach conditions....Genuine love is always a free gift. 
  • Love realizes and accepts that there will be disagreements and disturbing emotions...There may be times when miles lay between, but love is a commitment. It believes and endures things. 
  • Love encourages freedom of self. Love shares positives and negatives reactions to warm and cold feelings. 
  • Love, intimate love, will never reject others. It is the first to encourage and the last to condemn. 
  • Love is a commitment to growth, happiness, and fulfillment of one another. 
  • Love those who love you. 
  • Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey. 
  • Love, and do what you like.  
  • Love, you are eternal like springtime.
  • Love. Need I say more?
  • Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life  
  • Lust lasts longer than latinum.
  • Man loves little and often: Woman much and rarely. 
  • Marriage is not living with the person you love, but living with the person you can't live without.
  • May your love soar on the wings of a dove in flight. 
  • Men are always sincere. They change sincerity, that's all!
  • Mine ear is enamoured by thy note; So is mine eye enthralled by thy shape; and thy fair virtues force perforce doth move me; to say, to swear, i love thee.   
  • Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love says: "I need you because I love you." 
  • My first glance fell on your heart! 
  • My friend, let's not think of tomorrow, but let's enjoy this fleeting moment of life.
  • My night has become a sunny dawn because of you. 
  • No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. 
  • No sooner met but they looked;  no sooner looked but they loved; no sooner loved but they sighed;
  • no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason; no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy. 
  • No surprise can produce such a magical effect as being loved.   
  • No words are necessary between two loving hearts.
  • No, there's nothing half so sweet in life As love's young dream. 
  • No-one is ever betrayed by true love.   
  • Not loving is but a long dying. 
  • O what a heaven is love! O what a hell! 
  • Once you have loved, You will always love.
  • For what's in your mind may escape,
  • But what's in your heart will remain forever.   
  • One can care little for man, but we need a friend  
  • One day I wrote her name upon the strand, But came the waves and washed it away:
  • Again, I wrote it with a second hand; But came the tide, and made my pains his prey.
  • Vain man, said she that dost in vain assay, A mortal thing so to immortalize.  
  • One is alone with all the things he loves. One kiss breaches the distance between friendship and love.  
  • Outside are the storms and strangers:  We - Oh, close, safe and warm sleep I and she, I and she . . .  
  • Pains of love be sweeter far Than all other pleasures are. 
  • People happy in love have an air of intensity.   
  • Pure and complete sorrow is impossible as pure and complete joy.   
  • Real love is perpertual. 
  • Reason and love are sworn enemies. 
  • "Red Rose" 
  • Red is the color of which I will bear. Like the color of a rose it tells that I am true. For me to state anything else is quite false. My love for you runs more deep and more true than the glorius color of a red rose. It runs more deep than the bluest ocean or the widest sea. My love for you will always be there, even though I may not be. 
  • If you are to forgive me then the love that I have for you will pour over you and fill your veins untill the blood that now flows in them will now be my love. It is so strong that the moment that I stand up it knocks me down. 
  • I've never met anyone quite like you.You are the only thing that keeps me living.You are the only thing that is running through my body. My body, mind and soul are taken over by your power. Your love is the thing that makes my heart beat, Every second that you're not there it slows down 1 beat. When I hear your voice again my heart beats faster hoping for your return.  
  • Night Light  - Searching in the dark Im lost with out your touch, The day comes but the sun never shines. It's a dream yet the candle slowly grows small, I need the net of your love to ceach me when I fall. 
  • Security is when I'm very much in love with somebody extraordinary who loves me back.   
  • Set me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death.   
  • Sex is a momentary itch, love never lets you go.
  • She who has never loved, has never lived. 
  • Soft white petals A fragrance so sweet Blooming in a meadow So pretty, so petite
  • If you listen closely You can hear it sing Though it knows it's dying It looks only to the spring.
  • Some people think it's holding on that makes you strong, sometimes it's letting go.  
  • Sometimes we see things not as they are but as we are: Love brings understanding.  
  • Sweet springtime is my time is your time is our time for springtime is love time and viva sweet love. 
  • Take away love, and our earth is a tomb.   
  • Take it and return it: the kiss of love. 
  • The course of true love never did run smooth.
  • The darkness is no darkness with thee. ....  
  • The desire for possession is insatiable, to such a point that it can survive even love itselft. To love, therefore, is to sterilize the person one love.  
  • The Eskimo has fifty two names for snow because it is important to them, there ought to be as many for love. 
  • The first duty of love is to listen.
  • The following are only some of the key words that remind me of you; Love, world, life, live, girl, man, kiss, hugs, marriage, God, forever, etc. 
  • The heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.
  • The heart was made to be broken. 
  • The kiss, a sweet discovery of oneself after a long search. 
  • The light, that lies In man's eyes, Has been my heart's undoing.  
  • The love of beauty in it's multiple forms is the noblest gift of the human cerebum. 
  • The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end. 
  • The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along. 
  • The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a kiss. 
  • The night has a thousand eyes, And the day but one, Yet the light of the bright world dies with the dying sun.
  • The mind has a thousand eyes, And the heart but one; Yet the light of a whole life dies when love is done.  

SmileyRose  x

"Brown Eyed Girl"

I'm listening to "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison :)

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I think i'm in love but how will you know the person really loves you back?

When you fall in love you'll definitely know its happened. :) For instance; either you or the other person will want to spend almost every waking moment together to begin with and either of you would be willing to give up a favourite hobby/sport for the other person sometimes just to be together. I don't mean totally give it up, but there will be times when you will be willing to do this. It means that the person is actually putting someone else first before themselves and if a person is willing to do this then you know the love bug has finally hit you. You'd be willing to make some sacrifices to be with the other person. You'd be thinking about the other person when you're not together. You'd want the person to feel secure in your love by putting yourself in their shoes and understanding how they may feel in certain situations and you would think far more about letting the other person down. You'd understand each others needs more. You'd both have a feeling of belonging together. A man would be willing to give up his ex girlfriends in order to be with you because he'd make you feel as if you were the only one. He'd make you feel special...or visa versa if you're a woman, you'd make him feel special. 

Beauty is only skin deep. Try not to judge how much you love someone by the way they look or else you'll find you'll never really find deep love. Love is mainly about the inner beauty you feel for someone. You should feel attracted to your partner, but you shouldn't emphasise this as being the reason why you're "In Love" with the person or else you'll find when the looks start to fade as you become older, the love will eventually start to die if there wasn't an inner love there to begin with.

Being in love isn't just about having a good sexual relationship together. Having a sexual interest together is indeed important however if you emphasise and base this as being the only importance within the relationship, then you're likely not to ever find a deeper love between you and your partner, perhaps even becoming bored within your relationship. Eventually you will seek someone else to have sex with. This shouldn't be confused with love as it's called lust.  :)

Remember, just telling someone "I Love You" is not enough to show them how much you love them as those words are a deeper act of emotion rather than just three little words you say to cheer someone up.  Love is timeless. It could be a minute, a day, a year or a lifetime. But being "In Love" can have a time limit (until death).:)

Being in love is like a's a mixture of lots of different things which add up to make one complete package. ;)

Hmmmm I can tell you how you can really love a woman in a song :)

"Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" by Bryan Adams

"Water and Flame" (from the Love And War Album)

I really like this song from the 'Love And War' album. It's "Water & Flame" by Daniel Merriweather ft Adele.  It's the first time I'd ever heard of Adele and I wanted to hear more. It's such a beautiful track.  :)

SmileyRose x


I always like to look for quality vocal artists before I like to go out and buy a CD and I must admit to really looking forward to buying my next CD. She is one of my favourite female vocal artist at the moment.  Adele has such a fabulous voice in fact one of the best I've heard for a long time. She's absolute quality. :)

Michael Buble is my favourite Male vocalist presently. :)

SmileyRose x

"I've Had The Time Of My Life"

I'm listening to "I've Had The Time Of My Life" by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes :)

Another film with my namesake Frances (AKA Baby). ;)

SmileyRose  x

"Who You Are"

I really like this song by Jessie J.  What a fabulous young singer. She has a different sound and she's very original. This is what I like to hear, originality. :)

My daughter Lauren thinks she's pretty cool too. :)

SmileyRose  x

'I Am Number Four'

Contains a little spoiler

I recently went to see the film 'I Am Number Four' and I was pleasantly surprised. The film began with a Wow! At the end of the film I still thought Wow! It was an action packed film from start to finish. :)

The film starred Alex Pettyfer and Timothy Olyphant. It told the story of an extraordinary young man who had powers he didn't realize he had. A deadly enemy seek him to destroy him as they did when they destroyed three others prior to him. He is Number Four! He is a being originally from another planet. He was raised on earth however he had a protector who was assigned to take care of him. He changes his identity and moves to another area passing as a student. The enemy closes in on him and eventually they find him. There is much action when he fights off his enemy. His protector eventually dies and he manages to find Number 6. She helps him to combat the enemy. It ends when they sail off into the sunset together in search of four others like them. Together they are stronger.

The soundtrack to the film is excellent. You must go and watch the film if you haven't already done so.

There were a few hair raising moments in the film however the director of the film seemed to know where to draw the line during filming because the film didn't give me nightmares nor did it make the hairs at the back of my neck stand too much to attention . ;)

Ps I hope there's a sequel :)

I love this song from the Film.
"Rolling In Deep" by Adele .....Brilliant!!!!!

SmileyRose  x

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Someone Recently Asked The Question????

Could you become a surrogate mother and give up your child?

My reply is; no way!

As a Mother I could never give birth to my child for somebody else to bring up. A Mother would want to be near to her child/ren whenever she possibly could be. She'd want to feel the warmth of her child next to her. It doesn't matter how old that child is, she'd want to be around for her child whenever possible.

I love my children so much that there has never been great periods of time when I've been apart from them.  I suppose when they are a little older and if they really wish to live in another part of the country/wherever then it would be a different matter, only then would I need to except the fact that they're not around that often anymore. No matter what, I have always made the effort to be near to my children whenever possible and with a little bit of luck they'll not move too far away. :)

Sometimes circumstance can permit a Mother being near to her children all of the time, however as a child becomes older then they need to spread their wings a little and have their own space from time to time however as youngsters my children were always very near and not all that far away from me. :)

SmileyRose x

I Am Happy.................

To be a non-smoker! :)

SmileyRose  x

The Internet

Wouldn't the internet become a much safer place to use if there was a way of making folk register to it first before enabling them to use it? It would be fine if everyone wished to use a different persona, however if everyone registered with their own names using just one associating username of their choice then at least it would enable us to see who all of the trolls are and then all of those folk could be deleted from the internet for good.  Misbehavior could then result in permenant loss of registration. *Sigh* If only!!!!!

Ps You have to register your vehicle to drove and if you commit and offence it is likely to cause a ban from driving. It's a shame they can't do the same thing with the internet.  Everyone should be made to carry an internet licence. :)

SmileyRose  x

Thursday, February 24, 2011

"How Do I Live"

I'm listening to "How Do I Live" by Leann Rimes :)

SmileyRose  x

"Listen To Your Heart"

by Roxette.  Such a brilliant song. :)

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Awarded for her services to the film industry and to charity Catherine Zeta Jones was today honoured with a CBE by Prince Charles. She has made a number of fabulous films over the years so well done Catherine Zeta Jones...besides, she deserves the honour just for having the same name as my daughter. ;)

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I'm listening to "Gold" by Spandau Ballet.  Now that would help to ease the pain. ;)

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Easing The Pain

You can forget about the paracetamol! I've just been reading an article which suggests that just by looking at a photograph of a romantic partner it can dull activity in the pain-processing areas of the brain. Apparently it is likely to reduce pain by about 44%.  If you don't have a romantic partner I suppose you could check out a decent picture of a favourite celeb/whoever and try focussing on him to help ease the pain.  :o) 

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I'm listening to "Angels" by Robbie Williams

SmileyRose   x

"When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)" :)

By Louis Armstrong :)

SmileyRose   x

First Official Engagement

Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton had their first official Royal engagement together on the Welsh coast. They visited an RNLI lifeboat station in Anglesey. I've just been looking at the photographs and they both look the picture of happiness.  So now the Royal bride-to-be has a quick preview of becoming a Royal. Fingers crossed and I hope she manages to keep that huge beaming smile on her face.  ;)

SmileyRose  x

Volunteer Work

A great way to help folk who are long term unemployed and who are seeking employment is to help them get back into work.  When I was off work taking care of my children as a full time mother I knew that it would be rather difficult to get straight back into work if I had not worked in a volunteering capacity. I did this for a few years whilst both of my children were pre-school age and then I returned to full-time education taking up various courses to help with my return to work.

Wouldn't it be a great idea to get everyone who is long term unemployed to do some volunteer work whilst they are on benefits just until they can find themselves a suitable paid job? I feel sure that there must be lots of large establishments which could benefit from the help of volunteer workers and it also keeps those who are seeking employment in touch with work etiquette.  At least that way folk would feel more worthwhile whilst they are claiming benefits. :)

Well I thought it was a good idea as there is always work to be done.  :)

SmileyRose x

Pumpkin Seeds

I'm trying very hard to eat more nutricious foods recently thanks to my mum.  She recently introduced me to Pumpkin seeds. :)

Click Here - All You Need To Know About Pumpkin Seeds :)

SmileyRose x

Most Enjoyable :)

The Fantastic Mr Fox

I finally sat down to watch the film 'The Fantastic Mr Fox' this evening and I am really glad that I did. :) It's an animated film based on the Roald Dahl children's book of the same title. For those who have not yet seen the film you will recognise the familiar voices of both George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray.

The film tells the story of a newspaper columnist who decides to move his family to a nicer home. He purchases a home within a tree base which is close to a large facilities run by farmers. Mr Fox and friend make plans to steal produce and poultry from the farms. The farmers shoot off Mr Fox's tail after they catch him red-handed. Mr Fox and his family go underground, however the farmers try to dig them all out after they find their escape tunnel. Eventually the animals all retreat into the sewers when Mr Fox finds out the farmers have captured his son Kristofferson and they use him to try and lure Mr Fox.  A counterattack puts paid to all of that and Kristofferson escapes with the aid of his father.

They all live happily ever after when they discover a new drain opening which leads to a new food source at a supermarket owned by the farmers. The end. :)

PS I almost forgot, watch out for the character named 'Agnes' in the middle name. ;)

SmileyRose  x

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Weather Here Is Frightful But The Kids Are So Delightful :)

It's a typical bank holiday week.  It's dull, wet, windy and there is a lot of rain. :)

Ewww I feel sorry for all of those tetchy parents out there.  Was I the only parent ever to have enjoyed my childrens company come rain or shine?  I think I may have been judging from what I hear everyone else say.  I didn't just have the children over the bank holidays when they were younger, I actually had them most days of the week as I was a full time mother.  I don't ever remember complaining because it was an absolute pleasure for me to be at home with them.  Every day seemed like a bank holiday but with plenty of sunshine much of the time back in those days. :)

I think you should make the most of your kids when they're younger because you can never recapture all of those fun times ever again.  We did a lot of things together and we went on a number of outings and picnics. They were special moments which I shall always cherish/treasure. :o)

I think back to when I was a young girl. My mother and father were fairly lucky as my sisters, my brother and I were usually great kids. We weren't a rowdy family by far. We were all pretty quiet children but we enjoyed our fun too. My parents were pretty strict and they never let us get out of hand. :)

SmileyRose  x

'True Grit'

I recently read that actor Jeff Bridges is up for best actor at the Oscars this year, along side Colin Firth. I haven't actually watched the new 'True Grit' film although I would say it was a favourite film. I once watched the old version which starred John Wayne a number of years ago. I rather like westerns. :)

Jeff Bridges comes from a family of good actors. They include father Lloyd Bridges and brother Beau. I loved the film 'The Four Feathers' which starred Beau Bridges and Jane Seymour. :)

SmileyRose x

"Bad Boys"

I'm listening to "Bad Boys" by Alexander Burke

SmileyRose  x

"You're Beautiful"

I'm listening to "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt :)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Cruella De Vil Inspiration

This week is London Fashion Week and I could not resist having a little peek at one of their websites just to see what kind of clothing was being modelled this year. 

OMG!  I took one look at the Cruella De Vil Inspiration and I quickly clicked off the site.  I can assure you that I won't be wearing any of those in a hurry.  Besides, you have to be really tall and skinny to be able to wear some of those outfits. It would be far more interesting if they had your normal average sized women out there modelling the clothes on the catwalks, just for a nice change. I would like to see a nice mixture of model sizes because isn't this what we see in normal everyday life?

It would be far nicer if young girls didn't have a hang up about their bodies from a young age.  I would like to see a good mixture of models who are all the different shapes and sizes. You shouldn't have to be tall and skinny to be beautiful.  :)

"The Model" by Kraftwerk

SmileyRose x


FC Copenhagen 0 Chelsea 2

Chelsea are very much alive and kicking. :)

Too bad! Michael Essien almost added a third Chelsea goal towards the close of the match.  

Let's hope that the Blues make a repeat performance when they play in the Barclays Premier League next week. ;)

SmileyRose   x


Not alot of folk know this, however as a young girl my nickname was indeed "Froggy."  I think either my grandmother or my uncle named me this because I used to hop around like a frog when I was much younger. I once told someone this story and he designed and sent me one or two cards with this born in mind. The cards had sweet little frogs designed on the front of them. Awww how sweet.  :)

SmileyRose  x

X-Factor Clown?

Clown 1: Wow, what a nice silver medal! How did you win it?

Clown 2: By singing!

Clown 1: And how did you win the gold medal?

Clown 2: By stopping!

SmileyRose  x

"Someone Like You"

I'm listening to "Someone Like You" by Adele. I'm loving this song. :)

SmileyRose  x

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Leave Right Now"

I'm listening to "Leave Right Now" by Will Young :)

SmileyRose  x

"Call Off The Search" I Have Found What I Was Looking For :)

I had lost my brolly, however you will be pleased to know that I have found it again. :)
"Call Off The Search" by Katie Melua

SmileyRose  x

Great Weekend

I spent most of the weekend with both of my daughters. It was lovely. I was amazed at the amount of homework both of them had and so I decided to read through a couple of their school books with them. Goodness! You have to hand it to some of the kids these days, they really do work hard and they have plenty to learn. It was nice to remind myself and brush up on one or two daughters gave me a lecture on what they'd both been learning at school. I can assure you, there was a lot to take in. :)

SmileyRose  x

Did You Know?

The weight of an average baby elephant at birth

The weight of an elephant at birth can vary from 117 to 330 pounds (53 to 150 kilograms), with the average weight being about 232 pounds (105 kilograms).

I've learnt something new today. :)

SmileyRose  x

'South Riding'

I sat down to watch the first of a three part Sunday evening BBC One TV drama last night and so far, so good. :)  South Riding follows the lives and loves of a small Yorkshire town. It's set in the 1930's. South Riding is a novel by Winifred Holtby and it has been adapted for the television drama. It stars David Morrissey and Anna Maxwell Martin.

There was a beautiful scene in the drama which reminded me of the well loved series 'All Creatures Great and Small.'

I can't wait to tune in next weekend. :)

SmileyRose x

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will You Be Attending?

Apparently all of the invitations have now been sent out for Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.  So will you be attending?  I won't be however I never expected to get an invite in the first place as I am not a family member, nor have I ever been a family member. Nor am I a friend of the couple.  It's still exciting though.  I shall no doubt be sitting at home watching it on the TV. :o)

"Crashed The Wedding" by Busted :)

SmileyRose  x

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Altogether Now!

"Blue Is The Colour" - Chelsea FC Song :)

I'm a Chelsea fan. It's too bad they lost out to Everton after a penalty shootout at Stamford Bridge today. :)


"Sleeping With My Eyes Wide Shut"

I really like the new JLS song "Sleeping With My Eyes Wide Shut" :)

SmileyRose  x

He Had To Be Joking!

Someone recently saw all of the fake diamond rings I was wearing on my fingers and they asked me if I was rich!  LOL if I were rich I certainly wouldn't be working the hours that I do and I'd be off seeing a bit of the world making certain that I was enjoying myself whilst running my own business. I'd have my own staff, telling them what to do for a change. ;) Yep! I'd be the boss. :) *Tuts* Some folk ask the daftest of questions. :)

Hmmm if only I had a fairy godmother. ;)

SmileyRose  x

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Monster?

My middle name is Agnes (AKA Nes) and before anyone says it, no I am not the Loch Ness monster! :)  Besides, you can forget about the Loch Ness monster apparently a three humped creature was recently spotted at Windemere and Bowness, near an islet.  It appeared to be travelling about 10 m.p.h. Scary or what? :)

 "What's That Coming Over The Hill Is It A Monster" :)

"The Monster Mash" by Bobby Boris Pickett

"Thriller" by Michael Jackson :)

SmileyRose  x

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Ma He's Making Eyes At Me"

Lena Zavaroni, she was a very talented singer who had a fabulous voice. It's a shame she died far too young for her years.

SmileyRose  x

About A Boy

Rod Stewart and his wife Penny are the proud parents of a healthy baby boy. They've named the little boy Ainden. Heck! It looks as if they're planning a whole army of children! ;)  Congratulations to them both. :)

SmileyRose x

"Every Breath You Take"

by The Police

SmileyRose   x

Picture This!

The Scene of the Crime

Police seal off a City street. There are a number of Police cars with flashing lights. The Police surround the home. They are pleading with the guy to come out of the house peacefully and to allow his hostage to walk away free. The Police try to gain entry into the house only as they approach they notice the guy is forcing the hostage to stand at the window of the house. He's waving a handgun so immediately the Police back away. There's a Police helicopter with high beamed lights shining onto the house.  There is a loud gunshot and the hostage slowly emerges from the house. She's sobbing and she's looking totally exhausted when she finally falls to her knees.  Hmm where's Nick?  Is he dead?  We know he's shot himself. Such excitement. Erm did anyone else watch Emmerdale this evening?  ;o)

SmileyRose  x

Lost? Then This Will Drive You All Up The Wall :)

Do you all remember Wagner from the X-Factor?  Well if you're all missing his funny dulcet tones, then you can now hear him speak giving you directions on your satnavs.  LOL also be prepared to be driven up the wall and getting lost. ;)  If you're interested, you can download the Wag-nav and give it to someone you don't like very much as a present. :)

If that isn't enough, he has apparently landed a DJ job on one of the smaller radio stations.  Please, please never let him get to Heart Radio station, I don't think I could wake up listening to him each and every morning. He'd drive me crackers. ;o)

SmileyRose  x

It Tickled Me

I recently watched the film 'Shaun Of The Dead' and I must admit to being tickled by it. It tells the story of a man who tries to woo his g/f back and there's reconciliation with his mother. He then tackles a whole community of zombies. One bite and you become one. :)

The film stars Simon Pegg and its well worth a watch. :)

SmileyRose   x

Desperately Not Seeking A Donor. Not That Desperate! :)

It amazes me how at a click of a button someone can desperately find a sperm donor on the internet. Ewww! Surely nobody can be that desperate to have a baby?

I'm a huge believer that your baby’s genes are made up of both parents and it is far better to know who the father of your baby is going to be because it could determine what kind of personality/character your baby will have. For instance; if you don't know who your baby’s father is then is he likely to be some kind of a freaky fellow with a seedy past?

Would you really not want to know the history of the child you're carrying or what genes his father is likely to have passed on?

SmileyRose   x

Jelly Babies

I recently ate some Jelly Babies.  As a youngster I simply loved them however I was quite often left in a dilemma as I never knew which end of the body to bite off first. ;)

Picture Source

SmileyRose  x

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Thinker

Hmmm thinking about the bronze and marble sculpture AKA The Poet. It's in the Musee Rodin, Paris and it is quite often used to represent philosophy. Rodin based his theme on The Divine Comedy of Dante and entitled the portal The Gates of Hell. The nude thinker was originally meant to depict Dante in front of the Gates of Hell pondering his poem. :)

Hmmm not quite the sculpture, but here's a monkey thinker. LOL I have a terrible habit of thinking. ;)

"You know what thought did? He didn't do anything - he just thought he did." :)

Picture Source

Off to think. ;)

SmileyRose  x

Taking Snaps Of My Daughters

LOL the only time I have ever taken nude snaps of my daughter/s was when they were both under the age of 3 and they were both playing in the bath together.  I must admit to growing out of the habit of doing this once they were older. :)

You couldn't call me the Mother from Hell. ;)

SmileyRose  x


Awww such memories. This was one of my children's first ever books. :)

SmileyRose  x

"If You're Not The One"

I'm listening to "If You're Not The One" by Daniel Bedingfield :)

SmileyRose  x


I really like this song by Take's brilliant.  :o)

They also won 'Best Band' at the Brits awards last night. :)

SmileyRose  x

"If You Can't Say Something Nice Then Don't Say Nothing At All"

Awwww I loved the film Bambi? :)

SmileyRose  x

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All"

I'm listening to "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All" by Ronan Keating :)

SmileyRose  x

Rare Bird Tweeting :)

An oriental turtle dove was recently found in a Chipping Norton garden. It sacrificed the winter sun of Pakistan after getting lost whilst making its way from Siberia.

The rare bird has only ever been spotted twice before in Britain. They say good news travels fast and it certainly did when over 500 folk queued outside the householders back garden to see it.  The householder came up with a great money making idea when he charged entrants to his garden £5 a time to view and photograph the bird. The kind gentleman is donating all of the proceeds to bird charities. Awww :)

SmileyRose   x

PS I have been on a few garden saunters in my time...LOL and most folk were not aware of the type of rare bird turning up at their gardens at the time. I should have charged them for the pleasure of my company.  ;)

"The Birdie Song" by The Tweets :)

"Flying Without Wings"

I'm listening to "Flying Without Wings" by Westlife :)

SmileyRose  x

If you are of English decendant and you are born in another country does this mean you are no longer English?

Hello. :) That's not entirely true. There are lots of British folk who are born abroad. Many of their parents are indeed English/British citizens already. For example; There are many forces/military children who are born abroad, however that doesn't necessarily make them a national of the country they were born in. :)

Comic Strips

I have just been reading a small article re Prince William & Kate Middleton becoming comic strips. Boys can forget their action heroes Batman and Spiderman....your new hero will be Prince William. Kate Middleton's comic strip will be based on the more romantic theme. :)

As a young girl I must admit to not being interested in any of the above strips. An action hero was definitely not on my agenda when I was a teenager, nor was romance. I certainly did not having romance on my mind as a young teenager, not whilst I was at school. I didn't really start dating until after I'd left school. :)

My favourite comics were cute ones. I particularly enjoyed 'Twinkle,' 'Bunty' and 'Judy' when I was very young. Then I became a 'Jackie' fan. My ultimate favourite was 'Pink' though. I loved that magazine and I could not wait for the next issue. It featured one comic strip I particularly enjoyed following. It was called 'Sugar Jones.' LOL it was about an aging pop star who tried to make herself look much younger. She had a really horrid personality and she was always on the case of her assistant who was the only person who knew her for her true colours. It was a great little story which I followed weekly. I could not wait for my Mum to bring me up a drink and my magazine/comic every Saturday morning. :o)

SmileyRose  x

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I hope you all have a lovely day. :o)

My Funny Valentine
Sweet Comic Valentine
You Make Me Smile With My Heart
You're Looks Are Laughable,
Yet You're My Favorite Work Of Art
Is Your Figure Less Than Greek
Is Your Mouth A Little Weak
When You Open It To Speak
Are You Smart
Don't Change A Hair For Me
Not If You Care For Me
Stay Little Valentine Stay
Each Day Is Valentine's Day

SmileyRose  x

I Heard Your Real Name Is Agnes? True or False?

True. :) Agnes (AKA Aggie) and Rose are indeed both of my middle names. :)

Which is the reason why I like the below song. ;)

"Release Me" by Agnes

SmileyRose x

The Winners!

Some of the winners at the Orange Bafta Awards ceremony were as follows:

Best Film - The Queens Speech
Colin Firth - Leading male actor
Natalie Portman - Leading female actress
Sir Christopher Lee - The prestigious fellowship award for his contributions to the British film industry


I loved the colour and the style of Jessica Alba's was beautiful. :)

SmileyRose  x

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dancing on Ice

I managed to catch a quick glimpse of 'Dancing on Ice' with favourite presenter Philip Schofield this evening. I must say how pleasantly surprised I was to see such a high quality all of ice skating acts were this evening.  If I had to choose just one favourite so far it would definitely be Comedy Dave and Frankie dancing to the song "Aquarius" .....they were both fabulous.  :)

SmileyRose  x

Happy Birthday :)

Awww I really like this Robbie Williams song. I'm a Cole Porter fan.  :) Happy Birthday to Robbie, it's his birthday today. :o)

SmileyRose  x

Children's Parties

When the children were much younger during the first five years prior to them both starting school, I always held their birthday parties at our family home.  I had a large enough home and it had a fairly large room which lead out into the garden. I'd often arrange for a couple of party entertainers to entertain the children in here. Aww those were fun days. Dave the Clown was one of the party entertainers who seemed to know just how to tickle their funny spots. ;) 

My home was also filled with family members who quite often helped out particularly as we had a lot of children around our home.  Some of my family members were great at making/preparing cakes and other party foods, another member of the family made great sausage rolls....I'd quite often do some of the baking myself too.  We very rarely bought party food except for nibbles ie., crisps etc but much of it was all home-made by either myself or members of my family.  In fact I made my daughters birthday cake for her second birthday party. It was a sponge cake in the shape of a huge yellow duck shaped like the number two. I used ice cream cones for its beak.  :o)

Not only did I invite the young toddlers to our home, I also invited all of their parents too.  The lady who lived down our road in the Old School house was also invited to the children's birthday parties. She came as a special friend of the family. :)

My home was often filled with the sound of lots of children even when the children weren't having their birthday parties. I'd often invite a number of my children's friends over for tea time and to play at our home. I got to know many of the children fairly well. One of the fun evenings which I recall was when we put a tent up in the back garden and the children and their friends camped out inside it. They were all a little older by this stage however I was oncall for the whole evening.  I slept on a nearby sofa just in case someone woke up in the middle of the night or in case there were any accidents. We put little lanterns around the garden to add a little dimmed lighting...they all had some good fun together. :)

Sometimes their friends would come around for a sleepover and they'd all have some girly fun with hair and make-up. It was wonderful to see them all enjoying themselves. Not only did I hold birthday parties for my children, we also had Easter and Halloween parties around the home. It was often an excuse for everyone to get together.:)

When the children were a little older I'd hold their birthday parties at the various venues around Peterborough.  The Big Sky and Activity World were both large indoor play centres and they were just two of the favourite venues my children invited all of their friends to play and to party with them at. :)

"Celebration" by Madonna

SmileyRoseFrances  x

Awww Thinking Back To When The Children Were Younger

The School Run

I remember the days of the school run. There were always so many cars parked outside of the school during the school run times. On one or two occasions there were times when some mothers swung their cars out of the Amenity centre car park whilst they were in a hurry to get to work after dropping their children off at school, quite often this occured just as I was crossing the road with my own children as we walked towards the school seemed quite dangerous at times.  :(  Ewww driving the children to school was something we never did.  Instead we always walked to and from the school together.  I often had the buggy with my youngest daughter seated in it until she learned how to walk and my eldest daughter would walk along side me. The fresh air always seemed to do us the world of good.  We sometimes met a friend on our journey to and from the school and it usually seemed more sociable to do the school run in this manner.  There was never any rush to jump into the car to get the children there on time. We often set off on our journey in good time.  LOL there was an occasion I had to dart into someone elses garden behind a wall during the school run as I'd been wearing a peculiar pair of tights which kept falling down. The children thought this was hilarious at the time. :)

At the end of the day when I did the school pick up I'd often wait in the playground and I loved to watch my daughters face light up as I stood outside waiting for her, with her little sister.  There were occasions when I'd talked to the teachers, as they usually stood at the classroom door.  If there were any problems you had the opportunity to raise this with the teacher when you saw her or to make an appointment to see her on seperate date.  My eldest daughter attended a very pleasant little village school.  My then husband would occasionally do the school run because he was a shift worker; however this was mostly done by me as I was a full-time mother.

When the children were a little older we eventually moved to a small market town. We moved about 100 yards away from the school gates. It gave my children a little more independence as I encouraged them both to walk to and from school on their own as they needed a little confidence.  I'd often stand at the top of the road watching them enter the school gates and I did the same on their return journey home. Sometimes It gave my then husband the opportunity to walk the small distance to and from the school because he was a shift worker. It gave him the opportunity to spend some time with the girls which I didn't mind at all as he'd quite often return from a late shift and perhaps did not see the girls the night before.

Aww the school runs, those were the days. :)

SmileyRose  x

"Heart On My Sleeve"

I simply love the new song "Heart On My Sleeve" by Olly Murs. :)

SmileyRose  x

'Never Let Me Go'

Contains A Little Spoiler

I had an absolutely lovely day today. The weather was fabulous. I went shopping with my youngest daughter and we treated ourselves to some yummy cakes. Then there was a quick meet with a friend at the cinema. We went to watch the Keira Knightly film 'Never Let Me Go.'  Afterwards it was a quick zoom to visit my folk in Stamford and then onto another visit with a friend. :)

Hmmmm the film had quite an eerie feel to it, however the acting was supurb and I enjoyed some of the English countryside scenes. It told the story in three different stages of three friends; Kathy, Ruth and Tommy who first meet each other at Hailsham boarding school. Their lives change when Ruth becomes jealous of the close relationship between Kathy and Tommy. She comes between the couple and has a passionate relationship with Tommy. It is also discovered that as children they are actually clones intended to provide vital organs for non-clones. They are not taught any life skills at the school and were taught only art and poetry. As clones they were expected to donate their organs only it was thought they may be allowed to 'defer' if they truly fell in love. They are separated after they leave boarding school until there is a reunion. Kathy and Tommy eventually become close again after Ruth admits to her jealousy and she try’s to make amends. The story unfolds when Kathy becomes a carer and both Ruth and Tommy are donors. Ruth eventually dies after her third donation and Tommy and Kathy learn their fate after they visit their ex headmistress who dismisses the idea that clones may defer their donations.

The film gives an insight into how cloning could get out of hand and become very corrupt. Some folk are living much longer these days. Hmmm It was very eerie indeed. :)

"Never Let Me Go" by Judy Bridgewater

SmileyRose  x

Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Funky Town"

I'm listening to "Funky Town" by Lipps inc. :)

SmileyRose  x

Friday, February 11, 2011

Barking Up The Wrong Tree!

Who Let The Dogs Out :)

Unfortunately I'm not all that good at placing the right bets on the winners, therefore I was definitely barking up the wrong tree when I bet on the losers this evening. :)

I spent the evening dining at the Greyhound Stadium, Peterborough with a few work friends. It was the first time I have ever visited the Stadium as I've not been before.  I'm glad I went though, it was an experience.  :)

Hmmm I suppose if you go often enough you get to know which dogs are the quickest runners. ;)

SmileyRoseFrances  x

Actor Returning To The Big Screen

I've just heard on the news this evening that actor and governer of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is thinking about returning to the big screen. I loved many of his films and he did say he'll be back. ;)

SmileyRose   x

A Romantic?

They say actor Cary Grant and many of the characters which he played in his feature films definitely portrayed a romantic. Apparently it has been mentioned that if you were to meet a man who is typically like him, then you are likely to be in for a big treat particularly when it comes to having an everlasting relationship.

Yes I can see why that probably is the case. :) He was after all very charming, witty and incredibly handsome and he was probably the type of man most females are very likely to go totally ape over. ; )

Hmmmm Cary Grant *drool*. I know it's a little late because he's now deceased....however had he been alive today and he'd been slightly younger then I'd definitely be thinking about romance, wedding bells and becoming a Mrs Grant. I'm definitely fond of the old romantics. ;o)

Can you believe it? His real name was Archibald. He didn't look like an Archibald. :) Click Here: Cary Grant

SmileyRose   x


I'm listening to "Angels" by Robbie Williams :)

SmileyRose  x

You Have Garter Laugh!

LOL it's a new gadget and it's called The 'Chastity Garter.'  It has a hidden microchip which spots a rapidly rising pulse rate/surface moisture levels on the skin.

A text message is sent to alert a womans partner just as soon as these apparent signals of sexual stimulation occur. :)

What do you think...are they likely to sell like hotcakes? ;)  Nooooo! There is absolutely no way I would wear one of those. No way! They look far too uncomfortable.  :)

SmileyRose  x

SmileyRose Quote:

I think every one of us has the capability of being beautiful....all you have to do is remember that beauty comes from within. :)

SmileyRose  x


I'm listening to "Shine" by Take That :)
The SmileyRose Message Board :)

 Click Here

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I'm listening to "Celebration" by Kool And The Gang

SmileyRose  x

The Surprised Manager

A friend sent me this recently. :)

An elderly lady decided to give herself a big treat for her significant birthday by staying overnight in one of London 's most expensive hotels.

When she checked out next morning, the desk clerk handed her a bill for £250.00.

She exploded and demanded to know why the charge was so high. "It's a nice hotel but the rooms certainly aren't worth £250.00 for just an overnight stop without even breakfast."

The clerk told her that £250.00 is the 'standard rate' so she insisted on speaking to the Manager.

The Manager appeared and forewarned by the desk clerk announced: "the hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference centre which are available for use."

'But I didn't use them," she said.

''Well, they are here, and you could have," explained the Manager.

He went on to explain that she could also have seen one of the in-hotel shows for which the hotel is famous. "We have the best entertainers from Edinburgh , Glasgow , and Aberdeen performing here," the Manager said.

"But I didn't go to any of those shows," she said.

Well, we have them, and you could have," the Manager replied.

No matter what amenity the Manager mentioned, she replied, "But I didn't use it!"

The Manager was unmoved, so she decided to pay, wrote a cheque and gave it to the Manager.

The Manager was surprised when he looked at the cheque. "But madam, this cheque is only made out for £50.00." 'correct. I charged you £200.00 for sleeping with me," she replied.

"But I didn't!" exclaims the very surprised Manager.

"Well, too bad, I was here, and you could have."

SmileyRose  x

"Love You More"

I'm listening to "Love You More" by JLS

SmileyRose x

What's New?

A woman walks into an antique shop and asked "What's new?"

SmileyRose   x

Antique Shops

There's nothing I like better than visiting a few antique shops from time to time. I have visited a number over the years, however just the other day I decided to take my mother out for a quick drive.  We drove down to Market Deeping and there's this really nice antique shop we stopped off at to have a quick browse.  The shop was very quaint indeed and there was also a little craft section within the shop.  It looked very nice indeed.  I thoroughly recommend a visit, particularly if you are interested in making things...the craft section is huge. :)

SmileyRose  x

A Changed Man ;)

*Sigh*  I've just watched 'Bridget Jones Diary' on the TV again.  It was good to see Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) getting the girl (Renee Zellweger) in the end.  He definitely has the sophisticated, gentlemanly, charming personality with the good dashing looks most girls look for in a man.  Ahha! Maybe that's what Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) is doing all wrong.  He definitely needs to change his caddish ways by becoming more of a Mark Darcy character in order to win the girls.;)

It's a great film and I enjoyed watching it again. :)

SmileyRose  x

What's your favourite colour?

It would probably be the colour purple, mostly because I recently watched the film 'The Color Purple' again and I'd certainly put the film in one of my top ten favourites. Whoopi Goldberg was superb. :)

For those of you who have not yet watched the film then I would recommend you watch it. It is exceptionally good and it was directed by none other than Steven Spielberg.

Prepare yourself with a box of tissues. :)

SmileyRose x

Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Lunch Date With One Of My Daughters

I decided to spend the afternoon with my eldest daughter Cathy yesterday. We both had a very pleasant afternoon lunching and looking around a few shops together. :)

We also popped over to the St Ives Garden Centre. It was very nice indeed. :)

"Cathy's Clown" by The Everly Brothers

SmileyRose x

My Visit To London

I travelled to London earlier this week with a friend and we had a fabulous time.  The weather was glorious for taking a few photographs. I popped over to the Rubens Hotel for lunch, opposite Buckingham Palace Mews. I like to pop there every now and again. :)  Then it was off to take a few photos outside Buckingham Palace whereby I was lucky enough to photograph some of The Queens horsemen on their return to the Palace.

I then visited The Guards Museum at Wellington Barracks. I'd never visited before and I had a really interesting afternoon whereby the very pleasant Curator was most imformative.

I had a typically good day in London, however I was absolutley shattered on my journey home. The National Express coach was very comfortable indeed. :)

Click Here - The Guards Museum

"Toy Soldiers" by Martika

SmileyRose  x

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Yesterday I received a lovely little card from my nephew Josh.  It has a photograph of him on the front of the card. It looked to be a really posed and cute photo shot of him. Bless his heart, it was a thank you card for his birthday present. It usually comes just in time for Valentines Day. ;)

SmileyRose x

She's Back!

My youngest daughter Lauren has just returned from a trip to Auschwtz, Poland. Auschwtz was the largest Nazi concentration and extermination camps during World War II.  From spring 1942 until 1944, transport trains delivered Jews to the camp's gas chambers from all over Nazi-occupied Europe. I would say that my daughter's trip was a good trip however it may have been a somewhat sombre journey home.  She sent a text to me fairly late in the night to say she'd arrived safely at Stanstead Airport, however she was extremely tired and could not wait to fall asleep on the coach. I am really looking forward to hearing all about her journey. :)

SmileyRose  x

Monday, February 07, 2011

"Love You More"

I'm listening to "Love You More" by JLS

SmileyRose x


I'm listening to "Lost" by Michael Buble :)

SmileyRose  x

Love Hearts

Does anyone remember the sweeties 'Love Hearts'....the ones you'd share with your friends but save all the best one for yourself? ;)

SmileyRose  x

"I Don't Know Why"

I'm listening to "I Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones

SmileyRose  x

Shrinking Chocolate

Sad News! Taken from an internet article

If you’ve gone out to buy a Dairy Milk chocolate bar today, and noticed that it seems smaller, the good news is you don’t need glasses.

The bad news is, the bar really has got smaller. It’s now a couple of chunks shorter, so your 99p buys you 120g of chocolate instead of the 140g it did before. That’s right, despite the drop in size, the price has stayed exactly the same.

It’s a phenomenon known in the US as ‘grocery shrink ray’. It’s so common over there that has an entire page devoted to examples of products which have been shrunk in this way.

Of course, Cadbury is hardly the first chocolate producer to do this in the UK. In fact, next time you go to the supermarket, play a game to try to figure out which confectionary products have been shrunk since you last bought them.

Here are some examples where sizes have shrunk - and prices haven’t!

  • Maltesers - The lighter way to enjoy chocolate? A box of Maltesers has dropped in size from 140g to 120g.  
  • Mars - Another way to make your day, um, worse the size of a Mars barshrank from 62.5g to 58g.  
  • Snickers - Handles your hunger... badly. Like Mars, Snickers bars have shrunk by 7.2%.
  • Toblerone - Tantalising slender triangles – just fewer of them. Toblerone is one triangle shorter than it used to be nowadays at Poundland. And guess what? They’re still selling it for £1.
  • Yorkie - It’s not for girls... who like being ripped off. Once 70g, Yorkie bars are now a lean 64.5g. And guess what? The price went up by 3p last year.

Why are they doing this?

The chocolate companies say the increase in VAT this year and the rising cost of cocoa – which recently hit a 33-year high - is to blame. Either prices went up, or the chocolate had to shrink.

SmileyRose  x

"Together Again"

SmileyRose  x


Awww it was recently reported that Prince Harry and Chelsea (best footy team) were reunited in the boot of a car after they left a London night club together. ;)

SmileyRose  x

"I Talk To The Trees"

by Clint Eastwood :)

SmileyRose  x

Royal Gardener

It has been reported that the Queen is searching for a Palace gardener to attend the gardens at Buckingham Palace. Anyone interested in the job should apply and maybe there will be a growth in salary once the trees become a little taller. ;)

As much as I love flowers, I am not a good gardener...that's my mothers department. ;)

SmileyRose  x

"Rock DJ"

I'm listening to "Rock DJ" by Robbie Williams

SmileyRose  x

"If I Ain't Got You"

by Alicia Keys

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An Elongated Head, A Cheesy Grin With Eyes Too Close Together

Yikes!  An elongated head, a cheesy grin and his eyes look to be a little close together....that is not how I would describe Prince William....unless of course I squinted a little.  :)  A created life-size waxwork of the Royal is definitely not a good likeness. All of you ladies who would like your photograph taken with the Royal waxwork, you can wear a pretend engagement ring and you can become Kate Middleton for the photo session. ;)

It's almost as bad as the photograph I had taken of me with the waxwork of Hugh Grant at Madame Tussauds a few years ago.  My cousin's wife laughed her socks off when I walked by the waxwork more than once whilst looking for it.  LOL he looked slightly peculiar to say the least. ;)  It's not fair! I didn't get a pretend engagement ring when I had my photo pictured with Hugh. ;)

Remind me never to have a waxwork model of myself...goodness only know what I may end up looking like. ;)

The photo!  However it does look slightly better when in black and white. ;)

SmileyRose  x

"I Have A Picture Of You In My Mind"

I'm listening to "I Have A Picture Of You In My Mind" by Boyzone. :)

SmileyRose  x

Brolly Malfunction! ;o)

Lol have you ever felt as if you're being closed in by your brolly when it malfunctions during a wet and windy weather outing? Ewww I dislike it immensely when that happens. :)

Which reminds me of a joke I know. ;)

An 80 year old man was having his annual checkup and the doctor asked him how he was feeling.

"I've never been better!" he boasted. "I've got an eighteen year old bride who's pregnant and having my child! What do you think about that?"

The doctor considered this for a moment, then said, "Let me tell you a story. I knew a guy who was an avid hunter. He never missed a season. But one day he went out in a bit of a hurry and he accidentally grabbed his umbrella instead of his gun." The doctor continued, "So he was in the woods and suddenly a grizzly bear appeared in front of him! He raised up his umbrella, pointed it at the bear and squeezed the handle." "And do you know what happened?" the doctor queried.

Dumbfounded, the old man replied "No". The doctor continued, "The bear dropped dead in front of him!"

"That's impossible!" exclaimed the old man. "Someone else must have shot that bear."

"That's kind of what I'm getting at..." replied the doctor. ;)

SmileyRose  x


Cream Crackers

I don't know about the rest of you, however whenever I'm feeling a little peckish I often eat a couple of Cream Crackers.  It is usually about supper time when I have a craving and they taste great with a little light spread on the top of them or whatever else you fancy. Surprising enough each Jacobs Cream Cracker contains about 34 calories. The name Cream Crackers refers to the method in which the mixture is creamed during manufacture. They are popular in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Southeast Asia and South Asia. :)

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"Mad World"

by Gary Jules

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I'm Not Sick!

I'm feeling happy. :)

Apparently this time of year is one of the most popular times of the year to pull a sicky. :)

SmileyRose  x

"A Million Love Songs"

I'm listening to "A Million Love Songs" by Take That :)

SmileyRose x

I said "Pardon?"

Someone stopped me to ask directions the other day and I hadn't the foggiest what they were asking to begin with.  I eventually managed to understand what it was they were trying to ask me and so I was able to give them directions, however it took about three or four attempts before I realized what they were asking me.  I then asked them what part of the world they came from thinking of course they were foreign visitors to England....but then I established they weren't foreigner visitors at all and they were from the Northern part of England. Oops a daisy. It was an easy mistake for me to make because the accent definitely didn't sound very English at the time. :o)

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"We Have No Bananas"

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Too Much Is Bad For You!


Apparently there is a woman who lives in the USA who has a rare medical condition which causes her to eat soap.  She eats bars of soap and washing powder too. The rare disorder is called PICA. It can be caused by a mineral deficiency, which would probably explain why I had odd cravings for odd things during both of my pregnancies. :)

She faces a long road of recovery, as she is being treated for this condition and it is hoped she’ll never have to eat soap ever again....but hey ho, it's a little different to having a Coronation Street addiction. ;)

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Bollywood Workout

Let's get moving. ;)

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Sunday, February 06, 2011


I'm listening to "Angels" by Robbie Williams. :)

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"The Best Things In Life Are Free"

I'm listening to "The Best Things In Life Are Free" by Janet Jackson and Luther Van Dross

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"Price Tag"

I quite like the UK's number 1 song at the's called "Price Tag" by Jessie J.

Aww Jessie, it reminds me of my Father's dog who sadly died the year before last.

I've been spending a lot of time with my family members recently. Aww you can't put a price tag on some of those days. :)

SmileyRose  x

Awwww Cute :)

Picture Source

"Get Down" by Gilbert O'Sullivan

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"I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You"

I'm listening to "I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You" by Savage Garden. :)

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Going Out Incognito

Have you ever worn a wig and then gone out dressed incognito hoping that nobody will recognise you?  LOL I did just that recently and it's surprising just how different you can make yourself can be fun to do. ;)

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'Take That'

I'm listening to "The Flood" by Take That. :)

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"Boogie Wonderland"

by Earth Wind and Fire

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Holiday On Ice

Holidays...don't you just love them? :o)

I began this morning when I met my eldest daughter Catherine for a morning of shopping together. We then went to visit family members whereby Nana (my mum) prepared lunch for us, not forgetting Nick's delicious profiteroles. ;)  Later in the evening I went out with a friend to watch a fabulous show. :)

Wow! I always enjoy quality live shows and the recent 'Holiday on Ice' ice skating performance held at the Peterborough East of England Showground was spectacular to say the least. I simply love watching ice skating events and the very first show I watched was a few years back when I attended Wembley with a few friends. We went to watched Torville and Dean....who were absolutely fabulous! :)

Energia - The Story

Energia showed us how the universe connects...with of course energy. Ein and Stein were the two clowns who entertained us all. We all watched the awakening of light energy and the Elements, on Mother Earth after the exploding Sumpernova of coloured lights. We then watched the birth of creation. The Golden swan scene was absolutely marvelous. We then travel to Neptune, realm of the undersea god, with Mermaids and Mermen. Then it was off to Mars where we watched the Fire Goddess and how she manages to suduce Stein into jumping through hoops of fire. This was done to prove his courage and strength. He also manages to give his partner Ein the same courage. Then we went off to Venus. We saw the animals from all four corners being brought together where the shaman transforms the horse into a human. Love was in the air. :) We were then shown a seductive tango of the Sun and Moon and there was lots of partying, however Ein and Stein tire of all the partying and they meet a Priestess who teaches them how our light energy, made up of yin and yang, leads to harmony. It all culminates in the spectacular finale, which is a Bollywood celebration of Diwali, the annual festival of Light. It brings the message that light energy is within us and around us and to find peace and harmony, we should all connect with it. :)

Awww it was such a lovely story all done to a beautiful performance by the 'Holiday on Ice' ice skaters.

There is a grand finale whereby they all sing the theme song. It was an absolutely brilliant show well worth watching. I loved it!!!! :)

PS I sat in row F-H...hmmm 'F' for Frances and 'H' for erm let me think. :)

SmileyRose  x

Saturday, February 05, 2011

"Country Strong"

I have just heard on the news that Gwyneth Paltrow will be singing at the Oscar awards ceremony this year.  She'll be singing her song "Country Strong"'s a lovely song. :)

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Some Of The Most Courteous Folk I Have Ever Met :)

Some of the most courteous folk I've ever met in my time have often been those folk who came to live in Britain from what was once known as the British common wealth countries.  Many of these folk came to legally live in England back in the 1960's and their families have mostly grown up here in England. Many of the Indian folk in particular came here to work in the Mills. They were extremely hard workers.  Many have bought their own homes and raised their families here in the UK.

Perhaps it is because many have had much of the British influences to begin with and they have brought along a little of their own cultures, but they always seem such polite and hospitable folk.  Most of these folk speak the English language beautifully and many of their families have been brought up here in England and they are indeed British. :)

British Common Wealth

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"Black & Gold"

by Sam Sparro :)

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Heart Of Gold

Today I witnessed an act of kindness by someone who offered to help someone else who needed a little bit of a helping hand because she was struggling a little.  It's always nice to acknowledge those folk who have hearts of gold, however there are many folk out there who often go unnoticed because their act of kindness and their hearts of gold are usually done in a much more discreet manner.  Many of those folk are not looking for recognition or gratitude for what they've done and they are much more likely to feel awkward/embarrassed when being thanked for what they've done sometimes. They're like little angels and an absolute treasure to know. :)

SmileyRose  x


Someone recently mentioned to me that there are an ever increasing number of women who are all dying their hair and apparently it is unfashionable to be a brunette these days. What a load of utter rubbish. Apparently someone suggested that if your hair colour was anything other than brunette then you were less likely to get male attention. The person who dared to suggest that I was a brunette seeking attention needs thick slime tipped over them? I am happy with whatever my hair colouring is, however  I was born a brunette and if folk cannot except the fact that I have a personality and my hair colour is just part of who I am, then they're more nuts than I thought they were. :)

I have never been vain enough to even consider if someone is going to like me any better if I dyed my hair. Anyone who thinks that the colour of their hair will help them gain male attention then more fool them. Besides, I wouldn't want to be associated some guy who was so shallow that he was only interested in me for the colour of my hair. :)

Be proud of who you are and don't let anyone else bring you down....besides, if most folk are dying their hair another colour then I'm only too glad to be different.  ;)

SmileyRose  x