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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stay At Home Mothers Or...................?

Working Mothers?....Let's not forget that stay at home mothers work hard to take care of their children too. We multi task. It's not all fun and games which is the reason why many Mums I think go back to work straight after they have children. :)

This was the topic/subject on this morning's Heart radio breakfast show.

Hmm It is indeed a good question...but I'd choose the 'Stay at home Mothers' as my own personal choice mainly because I was one these. I went back to work when my childen were older. :)

Everyones ideals in life are different and so it is the personal choice of each individual parent/s on how they choose to bring up their own children. You most definitely do not have to spend all of your time walking around parks feeling bored of doing the routine things with your children when you are a stay at home Mother. I definitely did not! I had some very varied days as a Mother. I had the freedom to take my children on outings during the week and not on the busy weekends. We often went out with other friends who were also stay at home mothers. We'd go on a number of adventures on our days outings together. We spent time at the indoor play centres. We spent our time visiting each others homes with our children. I spent some of the time doing voluntary work at the Pre-school. We spent some days inviting children's friends over to our home for dinner (tea) and we sometimes had sleepovers. We attended children's parties organised by parents at their homes or other venues. I never missed a sports day, not until the children were older. We spent time with grandparents and sometimes going on outings with them. We never cancelled doctors or dentist appointments which were made for us as there were no work commitments, if the children were sick I didn't have to worry about taking time off work to care for them, we have never paid for childcare....and we also made the time to take walks in the parks.:)

I could name a far greater list of things we all did together and being a full time Mother enabled us to spend 'Special' times together.

There was time for the housework too, however my home was not a show home...it actually looked lived in with children's toys scattered all around us. I loved every moment of it and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing. :)

Each to their own and I do not criticize those who do things differently to me. Everyone is entitled to do things in their own way....but I did it "my way." ;)

"My Way" by Frank Sinatra....only imagine it as a woman singing it when it comes to the part...For what has a woman what has she got if not herself.....a song made for me I think. ;)

SmileyRose x


Jilly said...

Stay At home Mom

Pier said...

My mrs was a .stay at home mom