Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Excitement! I can't wait to open my pack-up later on today. :(

 I've decided to take a packed lunch with me today and probably everyday for the next few weeks. I really would like to loose a few pounds therefore I'm watching what I eat.

Today's lunch consists of a small ham sandwich made with wholemeal bread and an apple. That's it!  I will not eat anything until I come home this evening when I intend to only eat a small salad.

I know it sounds boring but I'm making a conscious effort to do this. :) I've decided to not do this for anyone else but myself.  I celebrate another birthday this year and I'd like to live longer therefore I'm only going to try and eat more healthy from now on.. I may have the odd treat on special occasions, however that's only going to be once and a while. :)

So wish me luck. ;)

SmileyRose x

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Alf said...

I could do with losing a few pounds too. ;)