Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you have a special memory of someone being nice to you when you were a child?

I have special memories of lots of folk being nice to me when I was a child. In fact as a child almost everyone I came across treated me very nicely. I was quite a loving child. I was also a very quiet child. I suppose most folk wanted to look after me and to help bring me out of my shell.

When I spent a fortnight in hospital aged just 7yrs old I was very nervous about going into hospital. I was admitted to Salisbury (Wiltshire) General Hospital to have my tonsils removed. There was this lovely old rocking horse in the children’s ward and I really wanted to have a go on it however there were a few children on the ward who were a little mean to me. They kept whispering to each other "Don't let her have a go" and it upset me. Then there was this little boy who came to my rescue. He may have been about a year older than me. He told all of the other children that they'd had a long enough turn on the rocking horse and now it was my turn. They all moved away from the horse and there I was having my go. One of the other girls complained that I'd had a long enough turn and I should let them all go back on the horse again but he told her in no uncertain terms that it was still my go as they'd all had a long enough on the horse and they shouldn't have behaved so mean towards me, so i must have a long turn too. :)

I remember this little boy looking after me for my entire stay in hospital. I was about to be discharged I remember him kissing me on the cheek and he told me he loved me. It is a very sweet memory I shall always treasure. :)

The nurses on the ward were very good to me. There was one nurse in particular I'd grown attached to during my stay in hospital and I didn't want to leave her when I was going home. I remember clinging onto her and telling her i wanted to stay with her. LOL the things you remember. She was very sweet to me. :)

I can name a number of occasions when someone has been nice to me. Not only as a child but also as an adult. :)


Anonymous said...

Can you remember the little boys name? Who he was?

Frances R A Napper (SmileyRose) said...

Not at all! All I remember is he was very nice as a child and I'm presuming he'd remain the same way even as an adult. He was very nicely spoken. :)

There was also this other little boy in my ward. I remember he always ran around the ward pretending to be a chicken. :) He was nice too. :)