Friday, August 05, 2011

Get Well Soon

One of my favourite actors Rowan Atkinson was taken to hospital recently after his car was involved in an accident.  The funny man who is famous for his TV and film roles as Mr Bean drove his car into a tree and a lamp post, He has apparently received injuries to his shoulder. 

Get well soon Mr Bean. :)

Mr Bean - Driving On Roof Of Car

SmileyRose x


Anonymous said...

Get well soon. I remember him in the film with Hugh Grant some years ago. Too funny.

Frances R A Napper (SmileyRose) said...

Yes he starred in Four Weddings And A Funeral.:)

Anonymous said...

Those double decker cars look well cool. ;O)

Frances R A Napper (SmileyRose) said...

I've just heard Rowan Atkinson was discharged from Peterborough City Hospital this afternoon. It seems he's feeling much better.

Oooo we were so close, yet so far away. ;)