Monday, August 01, 2011

Would you remarry or ever date anyone else again?

I don't think it's vitally important to discuss what I'll do in the future. Whatever happens in the future will indeed happen. I'm not looking to remarry anyone. It's never been something I've thought much about to be perfectly honest with you.

Would or could I ever date anyone else again? Well of course I could. I have already been on various dates with one or two men and I have also enjoyed a few girly nights out on the town. I've done a little travelling too but I've not considered remarrying anyone yet. It's not been on the cards so to speak. :)

If I ever meet someone and the relationship becomes a serious one, then it may happen in the future...who knows. I never say never. For now I'm just happy plodding along. The very idea of marriage seems a long way off...or who knows, maybe just around the corner. ;)

I am joking of course. :o)


Kiddi girl said...

Don't you want more kids?

Frances R A Napper (SmileyRose) said...

I don't really want any more children as much as I love my children.

The next time around will be just the two of us and I'd only marry for love. I won't be looking to start a family.

If there's going to be a next time...then it's me who will need spoiling. ;)