Saturday, November 26, 2011

Can you remember what your first ever teacher was called? Can you remember the names of all of your schools etc?

This is easy. :)

My first ever teacher was named Mrs Cuthbertson. She was a lovely teacher. She chose me to play the Angel Gabriel when I was barely 5yrs old for the school nativity play. I even had a speaking part in the play. :)

All of my schools are as follows:

Minden Barracks Primary School, Malaya
Fisherton Anger Primary School, Salisbury Wiltshire
Cambell Primary School, Cyprus
St John's Secondary School, RAF Episkopi, Cyprus
Uppingham Community College, Uppingham, Rutland
Bedale High, Bedale, North Yorkshire
Exeter C of E School, Stamford, Lincs
New College Stamford, Stamford, Lincs

That's your lot .com. ;)

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