Friday, November 18, 2011


I feel so sorry for all of those folk who are deserted by their partners. To desert your partner has to be the lowest form of action by anyone. I feel sorry for those who have had a long term marriage/relationship and their partner just ups and goes without any forthcoming warning. I think more should be done to refrain folk from doing this. If someone wants to come out of a marriage then they should go through the proper channels and they should divorce legally...but it is very low to just desert a spouse/partner unless there was proof there had been a violence of any sort, in which case the authorities would be involved/informed in such circumstances. I also disagree that someone should be kicked out of their own home because they're not welcomed in their home any more. If two folk wish to come out of a marriage then they should seperate legally and when one or the other can afford to leave, only then should they part.

It is wrong to desert a partner just because you've had enough of someone likewise is it wrong that someone should be thrown out of their own home because their partner has had enough of them.  If you don't get along why not do it properly by legally seperating first.... and then divorcing. 

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