Sunday, November 06, 2011

Do you believe in having a baby inside of wedlock or outside of it? Does it really matter?

I believe in only having a baby inside of wedlock/marriage. I'm an old fashioned type of woman. I would want my baby to have her/his father's name only and the man who fathered my child would have to be especially chosen by me before i considered having a baby with him. I wouldn't want to have a baby after just a quick fling with a man who had no intention of marrying me.

If I was not married to a man but I was having a full sexual relationship with him, then I would be certain to take precautions so that I did not become pregnant until such a time we planned to have the baby together...after we were married.

I know many folk think differently to me, however we all have our opinions and I feel strongly about this one. I like the idea of starting a family together as man and wife. I also like the idea of my baby /children having their father's name only. :)

I do not hold much respect for females who just want babies for financial reasons/just for the sake of having a baby. I believe that every child should be wanted by 'both' of their parents. A planned pregnancy between two loving parents is always the best in my opinion.

If a misake occurs there is always the option of marrying the father of the child at a later least the baby will grow up with the same name as their father....and of course I'd want my child/ren to have the same name as me at the time of their birth so that both of their parents have the same names on the birth certificate. It's just my own personal preference that's all....but each to their own. :)

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