Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How many facebook friends do you have? Did you just add them as friends on facebook/on the internet? How do we become your friends on facebook?

I have over 100 Facebook friends the exact numbers I've never really counted as I don't think it is important enough to talk about because after all...a friend is a friend. I have NEVER added folk as my Facebook friend if I have not known them personally first...AWAY from Facebook.

How do folk become my friend? That's a good question. I'm quite a sociable person and I have always made friends very easilly. I am quite approachable and chatty. I was a fairly shy child when I attended school, but not quite so shy as an adult. :)

To get to know me and to become a friend on Facebook you have to become a friend outside of Facebook first. You have to be related to me (not too far down the line), or I've shared the same interest (mainly photography, music and films) with some of my friends here, I've personally met them and become friends with them over a period of time, they're old school friends, family friends or I have worked along side some of them and they have consequently become friends over a period of time. :)

I hope this helps. :)

Ps I'm tired of always being the first person to make the first move when it comes to making friends with someone. If anyone I know would like to get in touch with me...I'm easy to find. They can add me for a change. :)

Ask Me Anything, Just As Long As It's Within Reason. :)

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