Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Feel Much Better Now! :)

Everybody needs somebody to sit down and listen to them when they want to chat and get something off their chest sometimes. When I was married I used to turn to my Mother-In-Law quite often when I wanted someone to lend me an ear and a shoulder to cry on. It was very difficult for me after the divorce as I felt I couldn't turn to the same person anymore, not because she wasn't offering her advice or help anymore, but mainly because I felt that I couldn't turn to her as I didn't want her to feel obliged to be there for me any more. I didn't want her to have to take sides so to speak. How wrong I was!!!! Divorce doesn't mean that any other member of the family outside of the two folk who are splitting up should have to take anyone’s side. In fact it is always advisable that no members of the family should have to take sides or interfere for that matter...particularly when there are children involved. :)

I have telephoned my ex Mother-In-Law on a couple of occasions since the divorce occurred a few years ago....and she's still the same as ever! She's still that helpful, motherly person I always loved to talk to when I had some of those worries lurking around in my head. Today she was still there to listen and to offer me some of her own advice. She's older and wiser and she understands a lot. She understands me and I thank her for her kindly advice today because it was some good advice and most of worked. :)

Today I am grateful to some of those lovely elderly folk whom I've known for many years...many are still around today and I shall be saddened if the day ever comes when they are not in my life anymore. I have often looked up to many of the elderly folk who I have known personally throughout my life. I respect their generation hugely. If you take the time to sit and listen to them sometimes you'll hear just how knowledgeable many of our elderly folk are... and how helpful they are at offering their advise if you just stop to ask them. Some of those elderly folk who I have personally come to know over the years are the best ever. Thank you to all of them for just being around to listen sometimes. :)

PS  I am not a carer...nor have I ever worked as a carer before....but I care. I care for all of those elderly folk I've known for a number of years. :)

SmileyRose x

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