Saturday, November 19, 2011

SmileyRose Out And About In Stamford :)

Today I visited the Stamford Market and then the Stamford Art Centre for lunch. It has been some time since I last visited but it's nice to go home from time to time. I grew up in Stamford and I went to school here too. In fact all of my siblings went to school in Stamford and so did my own children attend primary school here for a few years ago also.  I worked in the centre of Stamford for some years...mainly at Emmas (Fashion shop next to Library), The Crown Hotel (as a receptionist) and Dawson of Stamford (as an assistant). Stamford was my home for many years. :)

I later visited my folk who still live in the town. It was good to visit home.  :)

Awww this willow tree is about 70yrs old. I used to sit underneath it and read when I was a young girl. I call it 'Old Mother Willow.' :)

I ate my baked potato with tuna filling here today...along with a nice cuppa tea afterwards. :)

"Green Green Grass Of Home"

SmileyRose x

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