Sunday, November 20, 2011


Some of you may not already know this, however SmileyRose is just a persona I made up some years ago. I used to go on an an internet forum (on my own) whilst I was in the middle of studying. I used to mess around on the forum during intervals in my studying and I built up a number of different personas/characters.  It was a little like being an actress.  I had many different characters on this forum. I used to sometimes play the devils advacat and reply as the SmileyRose character, she was the one who was the most like me...but she wasn't me at all really. 

SmileyRose was only an internet persona (a character which I played for fun). There was KissyKat, she was the character who couldn't spell correctly. She was a little silly and naive but she was another of my characters. Goodness! I had so many...perhaps too many to count.  I would log on and off as all of the different characters and I'd reply to my own posts.  There was nobody else involved but me. None of it was serious and it was only me messing around.

SmileyRose was the most like me because she was the photographer, the sweet angelic one who liked films and pop music....someone who is totally unlike me because I'm a bit a vamp sometimes and I have a varied taste in music.  In order to get to know my true character you'd really need to get to know me as a person...and not my internet persona.  She's not totally like me at all.  My American character was hoot. I also had a male character on the forum who was me too. I pretended he was chasing around after SmileyRose only he wasn't real either. His name was 'H' although he would sometimes be a woman when I called him Harriet. It was just me again. I had great fun being all of these folk during my three years of studying. :) 

I did not use any proper names for any of my fake characters so there would be nobody thinking I was trying to clone anyone else either.

Sorry folks. If you think you know me....then sadly you don't know me at all. You can never really get to know someone until you know them in person first which is one of the reasons I prefer to make my Facebook settings private from Friends of Friends.  :)

SmileyRose x

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