Sunday, November 13, 2011

What sort of people do you like to make friends with? What kind of people do you call your friends? If you know someone, does it make them your friend?

That's a good question. :) I know a lot of folk and certainly not all of them are friends. I know a lot of acquaintances, I've mixed in circles with a lot of folk over the years, some have turned out to be friends, and some have not. It takes me a while before I trust someone, but when I do trust them they become friends.

There are some folk who I have socialized with as part of a group of people but I wouldn't class them as friends. The types of friends I like to keep are usually nice folk who have a savoury character and who are polite and respectful of others. They're not prejudiced in a nasty manner and they are usually understanding sort of folk. They usually make friends with other like minded folk.

I've met some real characters who have wanted to be friends with me over the years, mainly because I am a friendly type of person; however those folk who have wanted to be my friend are usually very different to me. I am not a very loud person. I'm fairly quiet and I like good conversation. I've never been the life and soul of the party but I like to use my intelligence when it comes to talking to other folk. I like people who share a similar outlook in life to me. I'm not a snoot as some folk have called me in the past. I tend to speak in a nice manner...but I'm far from being snooty. I like to read and write...and I like to take photographs. I'm a music lover and I enjoy watching a number of good films. I'm quite a homely sort of a person and I love my family. Apart for those things I don't share much in common with other females who enjoy the club scenes etc. I'm quite a classical sort of person but I have a good sense of humour when I'm with the right crowd without the need of me becoming rowdy in any way.

I'm not a shy and retiring sort of person and I enjoy fun company.

I enjoy a drink or two but I don't drink alcohol to the extent of making myself feel ill...I like to remember what I have done during a night out. ;) I would not say that I have never drank too much alcohol...but that's usually when I've not gone out in public to make a fool of myself or maybe if I've invited a few friends over. ;)

Friendship is important but not important enough to make the numbers up. I have to really like someone before I call them a friend. :)

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