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Sunday, November 06, 2011


I have just been reading the (DM) newspaper article re Hugh Grant's ex girlfriends, ex-boyfriend's story and how he feels sorry for her now that she's been left holding the baby so to speak. *looks up to the sky* *big yawns*

In my opinion it takes two to tango and if she did not want Hugh's baby then she should have taken precautions. She probably saw Hugh as some rich man who could more than pay for her having a baby therefore she probably wasn't worried about becoming pregnant by him at all. Maybe it was an arrangement between them who knows i.e., you have my baby and I'll buy you a huge home to live in! :)

Most 'nice' woman would wait until they were married before planning the family. I don't have much time for those females who do differently....therefore I don't feel sorry for her at all!!!! I had two children inside of marriage and both of them were planned for. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. They were both conceived out of love between two people...and not just a fleeting casual romp. She's a silly woman if you ask me. If they were not in a committed relationship together why was she having his baby? Hasn't she heard of the morning after the night before pill? This woman should read up on condoms/other precautions to stop her becoming pregnant.....if she's not interested in fathering any more children by other rich men. She's lucky Hugh Grant has offered to pay for a decent home for her and the baby...which is probably more than she would have received if she had not picked on a rich man to impregnate her in the first place.

Oh well Hugh can afford to have a number of babies by lots of different women if he chose to do so....and he would still be rich enough to eat the next day. I'm sure there will be a number of willing women who'd want to be set up in a home next door to him....with a newborn baby in tow. ;)

Ps Hmmm I dare say a lot of the benefit system should be looked at by women who father children outside of marriage. Some look at it as an easy option to get a house away from their parents. Ewwww!!!! Tax payers are keeping them. In my opinion children grow up much better in a two parent home/environment with two loving parents until they are at least going to primary school. It's stressful for any woman to take care of a young baby on her own and babies often pick up on this.

Of course I do not speak of those who have lost their partners through bereavement as this can not be helped. I speak only of those who choose to have children without being in a relationship.

SmileyRose x

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