Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Is Age Just A Number?

I have just been reading a DM newspaper article re One Direction singer Harry Styles who has recently been reported as dating a woman who is 15yrs older than him. Many folk have called their relationship disgusting!

Surely If two people love each other and they are attracted to each other, then what is so wrong with them dating each other? Nobody calls it disgusting if a man has a relati...onship with a woman who is 15yrs his junior! In fact he's likely to get a pat on the back from his mates. So whilst younger woman are seeing older men it leaves younger guys free to see older women....so what? :)

Personally I prefer to date guys nearer my own age but I have absolutely nothing against those who choose to do differently to me. The world revolves around folk who are different to me. Good luck to them if they're happy together....who is anyone else to say differently. :)See more

SmileyRose x

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