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Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Leveson Inquiry and Celebs


Isn't it about time new privacy laws were set in action to prevent folk from being hounded by the paparazzi etc??????? Everyone should have the right to some privacy. I think the members of the public should refrain from buying mags/newspapers etc which are filled with trash. How would they like to be hounded and to have their own personal lives open to public opinion...particularly if it is all untrue?

Let's face it...anyone can make up stories....it's whether or not we choose to believe the story which makes the difference. Idle gossip about someone else can sometimes cause pain and grief for all of the parties involved.

It is up to the Members of the Public to try not to thrive too much on gossip. They should try and refrain from buying the newspapers that rely on their sales by gossiping only...particularly if the stories are untrue. Put it this way if I befriended a person who only liked to gossip maliciously about others then I'd be a bit weary of them. I'm likely to want to stay well clear of them.

I'm sure there are some celebs who get hacked off with stories of their personal lives being strewn all over the newspapers/magazines. I think stories which are just made up from third party sources should be banned. The only articles which should be allowed are those which are given the go ahead by the celebs themselves or if they are interviewed personally by the publisher of the article who has been given the go ahead to release the information. Photographs should be authorized if they are to be published so that bad photos which are likely to show the person in a different light are not plastered everywhere!!!

Perhaps if the celebs themselves all kept their lives sqeeky clean/out of trouble and they didn't do things which were extraordinary...then they wouldn't get their names in the papers in the first place. But maybe some of them are doing it just for attention just to get their names in press anyway which isn't how we want our children to see how folk portray themselves in this manner. :)

Colin Firth is a good example to celebs who are usually on their best behavior. Look at him! He recently won an oscar and he didn't need to be plastered in the newspapers for anything untoward in order to get himself noticed. His name was plastered all over the newspapers/magazins his own merits.

I prefer those folk who get themselves into the newspaper for their merit...rather than the other. I just don't like tacky! ;)

SmileyRose x

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