Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Song For All Of You Lovers Out There :)

Imagine you're with a girl you really like. You're both sitting at a romantic venue. The lights are dimmed and you're feeling in a really romantic mood. You've just had dinner together and you're feeling very passionate. You're looking straight into her eyes. You're stroking her hair and your hand brushes against her cheek. You want to tell her just how you feel about her. You move her slowly towards the dance floor. :)  Mmmm can you feel the love?  ;)

SmileyRose x

1 comment:

non romantic said...

Good song but miss rose i don't give two hoots about romance! My ex hubby left me for another woman when i was 53 and they shacked up together somewhere now. I was forced to go back to work but nobody wanted me coz i was too old with very little skills. i'm forced to live on benefits because i'm too ill because of all the stress he put me through when we divorced. Romance? You can stuff that up your A*s. Give me a man to F*ck any day!!!!