Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Barbie World

I had to laugh out loud today. Apparently The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been turned into Barbie dolls. The figurines have been launched to coincide with their first anniversary. The dolls are available to pre-order at £99.99. 

Hehe Duchess Kate's a Barbie Doll living in a Barbie world, her life's in plastic, it's fantastic! You can brush her hair, undress her anywhere. Imagination,  life is your creatiion. So come on Barbie, let's go party etc.,   But I bet Prince William would have preferred to be an Action Man. ;)

Here is a photo of me taken a few years ago...playing with my daughter's Barbie dolls long before the Duke and Duchess were an item. ;)  Who would have thought hey! :)

SmileyRose x

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