Saturday, February 18, 2012

Visting Home Town

I travelled back to visit my folk in Stamford yesterday.  A good time was had by all.  My Father treated me to luncheon with his gathering of friends.  We ate a lovely three course meal. The meals are specially organised by the friends of St Clements. The ladies and gentlemen were a lovely bunch of folk.  I had a soup for my starter, a turkey meal and one of my favourites bread and butter pudding.  I even had a second helping. :)

We chatted about some of the old times. I told everyone that my father was always very affectionate when we were growing up.  He'd kiss us every night before we went to bed or if he went out anywhere, even to do the shopping.  He was always a very sweet man...and he hasn't changed too much since then. ;)

Thank you to all who made my day a lovely and relaxing one.  It was really nice to chat to some interesting folk. :)


I once said that I'd like to meet someone a little like my father one day. My father has always been just like a perfect Englsh gentleman. He has lovely manners and he is a very smart man when it comes to dressing up...he's been well educated and his spoken English is excellent (no different to any other nicely spoken English gentleman I know). He doesn't like to drop his standands so to speak. He has a good sense of humour too and he has excellent high standards which was very important when he was a serving member of the Royal Air Force. :) Awww it would be so nice to meet someone in that calibre again. ;)

SmileyRose x

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