Saturday, February 04, 2012


Not a spoiler

If I had to discuss a film which has totally everything I enjoy about a film, then it is indeed 'War Horse.' Steven Spieberg is the master of many films I have watched over the years and they just keep getting better! I simply loved this film. I loved the story, the countryside and the fact absolutely everything.

The soundtrack of the film was composed by one of my favourite musicians of all time...Mr John Williams.

If anyone hasn't watched the film please get down's a MUST WATCH film. :)

I think my friend Debbie is going the curse me after this evening though. LOL when she telephoned earlier she mentioned that perhaps it was best we cancelled going to watch the film this afternoon as she heard it may snow. However I heard differently and I thought the snow wouldn't be with us until tomorrow. Besides it seemed far too cold to snow. So, what do you think it was doing when we came out of the cinema? Yes! It was snowing. :) Thankfully it had not been snowing for all that long so it's not really settled yet.

We had a really good afternoon. We had a Showcase cinema special hot chocolate and we ate M&M's. What more can a couple of ladies ask for? ;)

We also met a nice couple of elderly gentleman who were on their way to watch the same film as us. What a pleasant couple of guys they were too. >:):)


I'll warn you to take your hanky with you as you won't be able to stop crying. I've only just stopped! It's so sad.

SmileyRose x

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