Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Was He Cheating?

Hi Smiley.  Just been reading an article in the DM re Alex and Chantelle.  She has virtually accused him of cheating because he replied to a private email on twitter. Do you think that's cheating?

My Reply

So funny!!! Yes I just read the DM article you have mentioned. I guess it's probably Chantelle's pregnancy hormones playing up if she's brandishing Alex a cheat. :) I dare say there are a few folk who try to play devils advocate sometimes and they try to stir up problems when they see a happy couple. Amy whatever her name is had sent Alex a private message (no different to an email or text). What's the difference between a private message or the two of them seeing each other in person and exchanging pleasantries in person? For instance they could have bumped into each other at a private location on an empty meadow whilst out walking the dogs/similar and said the very same thing.

She was after all congratulating them both in a one liner email/message. No different to anyone else saying the same in passing and exchanging pleasantries in person I don't suppose.

If he had arranged to meet her at a 'secret' rendezvous without telling Chantelle, then that would be another matter and perhaps then it would be seen as cheating. :)

Ways to avoid domestics: I think in order to save problems/wrong assumptions it is always best to be open and honest with your partner and tell your partner you've received a private message from someone you think he/she may become jealous over if they found out about it. :)


Innocent said...

Yeah but what if the wife/fiance/gf gets the wrong idea and thinks they have met up in a secret rendezvous whilst they're walking the dogs? She's likely to fly off the handle for something innocent.

Frances R. A. Napper said...

Yes I can see your point. Well if you think it may cause problems if your partner gets to find out...just be open an honest with her before it gets to that stage. Tell her you bumped into 'whoever' whilst you were walking the dogs. If it wasn't arranged you shouldn't have anything to worry about. :)

Innocent said...

Good point! I'm going to be so honest with my g/f from now on. ;)