Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Limiting My Posts

LOL There is probably someone right this minute who is conducting a psychoanalysis study on me/all of my posts.....either that or I have the advertisers following me. :) It doesn't make blogging or posting on facebook a whole lot of fun because quite obviously you're going to be limited to what you post. I am very cagey about what I post on Facebook/on my blog site. :) I reckon facebook is a little like big brother.....folk all get together on one big site and someone sits back and studies us all.....so let's have no burping or any other bodily function noises on there please as you never know who may be reading your posts. ;)
Forgive me If I have been a bit limited on what I post on my blog site....I may start to sound a little repetatative sometimes but it doesn't mean I have short term memory loss or dementia or anything else for that matter ....well not just yet. :} It just means that there are some things which you like to keep to yourself and other things which you do not mind posting. ;)
It just goes to show...you can never really know someone until you meet them for real. :)

SmileyRose x

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