Monday, March 12, 2012

Premenstrual Syndrome/Tension (PMS or PMT)

For those of you who still suffer from Premenstrual syndrome (PMS or PMT) (Premenstrual Tension) I do (I'm as regular as clockwork still).....I know that the few days before a period can be really tense sometimes. Please click on the link for some helpful advice/tips. :)

After the birth of my second daughter I decided to take someone elses advice and it seemed to be the best cure for me. I now take Evening Primrose's absolutely brilliant. I've been taking it for a number of years....and I still keep taking it. It helps to give me an even balance. I tend not to suffer from mood swings and all I seem to suffer from is a bit of a bloaty tummy and a headache the night before....this is when I need my bed and sleep as it helps to ease the pain. :)

My skin can still get a little spotty from time to time just before my period...but I've been suffering from that ever since I was a teenager anyway.

I hope the link helps some of you who really suffer from bad PMT. :)

SmileyRose x

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