Friday, March 23, 2012

Saying Goodbye!

Dear God give me strength today as I say goodbye to yet another friend.

I have learned today that another of my long term friends/facebook friend Karan died very recently. I hear she died peacefully from a close member of her family. Karan and I had been friends for many years after first meeting at a previous work place. We used to meet for lunch most days during our work lunch breaks. She had a very caring and loving nature.

Over the years we made an effort to keep in touch together. There was a period of time when she went to live in Cyprus and I didn't see her all that often, however when she returned to the UK we met up again. We exchanged many conversations about Cyprus together, as I used to live there a number of years ago also.  I was very pleased when she arranged to meet me for coffee with her lovely husband. She brought along photographs to share with me on that occasion. We talked about the old days....especially when we went to Christmas functions together. The pair of us always liked to stut our stuff on the dance floor together. She was a fun loving person and I shall miss her hugely.

When I was going through a marriage break up Karan arranged to meet me for lunch with another friend in my home town of Stamford.  I remember that day so well because I was really excited I was meeting up with her.  We talked for hours. In fact we met on several occasions after that day.  The last time I saw Karan was whilst I was at at work just before Christmas.  I was trying to arrange a convenient time to go out for lunch with her. I would often send my love to her via her husband.

My heart goes out to all of her family at this very sad time. The news was very upsetting to say the least. Thinking about your smiling face. RIP Karan

with much love from your friend Frances xxxx

SmileyRose x

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