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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Grand National 2012

It's one of my favourite times of the year. Today was the Grand National race. I was watching with a glass of wine. It's my usual thing to have a little flutter. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and shouting "Come on horsey win" ;)

There was a little drama before the race began. They were all set, the race began...but then it was halted due to a false start. :)

I chose "On His Own" to win...Ruby Walsh was to ride him. The horse was chosen because my birthstone is indeed a Ruby. However right at the last minute Ruby pulled out of the race due to an earlier fall and injury.  I wish him a speedy recovery.  In his place Paul Townend rode instead.  Unfortunately the horse fell at Becher's Brook. :(  I lost.

The winner of the Grand National 2012 was horse number 4, Neptune Collonges...ridden by Darryl Jacob. It was indeed one of the closest ever races in the history of the Grand National.  :)

What a good race and my congratulations to the winner. :)

Ps My thoughts are for those poor horses "Synchronised" and "According to Pete"...who lost their lives today. How very sad.  Is the sport safe? :(

SmileyRose x


Anonymous said...

'Ps My thoughts are for those poor horses who lost their lives today. Very sad. :('

And yet you chose to support this disgrace of a spectacle by watching/gambling. I hope you enjoyed your wine whilst watching two horses die for your entertainment.

Frances R. A. Napper said...

Horse racing is a sport. You know very well that accidents can occur during any sporting event. It's already happened in motor racing and other sporting events also. It isn't the first tragic accident we have heard about and it quite probably will not be the last.

I will admit that I enjoy watch the sport. I have mentioned how saddened I was to learn about both of the horses dying. I do sincerely love horses but I am also realistic enough to know that accidents can occur. It was very tragic to say the least.

There are relatively few accidents which occur in these kind of sporting events. The percentage is low considering the amount of races which take place. Let us not forget that the horses are usually treated and handled with care and it is a sport which folk have have enjoyed for a number of years. We should all put this down to a very tragic accident.

German from Seville said...

Let me say a few words about this. I am a vet, and I have treated many horses in my life. Most of the people involved in horse racing really love those animals. They take care of those beautiful creatures, so they try to avoid any kind of accident, illness or injury. Unfortunately it is sometimes part of that sport.