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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As Far As I Am Concerned....re Divorce/Seperation.....

As far as I am concerned I most certainly do not think a couple should be legally divorced until such a time when they are living apart from each other.  For instance: Separation whilst a woman/man are still living together in the same home and a husband is still paying for the mortgage etc then as far as I am concerned the husband should still carry on being responsible for the bills until such a time all financial ties have been severed. One should still remain married until such a time this happens.

You can understand why in so many cases of seperation a man would become jealous if he was forced to still pay for a mortgage whilst his ex was entertaining another partner in the marital home (particularly if he was the bread winner of the home). This is probably the reason why so many domestics occur within the marriages of seperated couples. A divorce should not be granted until two people have a clean break from each other and they are no longer tied together.

My ex and I divorced 6yrs ago and we went our own separate ways. A clean break.

As far as I am concerned only in such circumstances whereby two people have chosen to go their own separate ways and sever all ties together should a divorce be granted.

If one or the other wish to start up another relationship with someone else in the meantime only then should the courts look at it as adultery and the divorce should be pronounced as such. :)

Deciding upon financial issues within such a divorce should be straight forward...50/50 unless a pre-nuptial agreement was made. This should be legally binding in England.

Provided both parents were decent/good parents then both parents should be able to see their children on a regular basis.

SmileyRose x


Marcy said...

I agree completely! I don't think dating while separated is a good idea at all - the whole point of only being "separated" means that there is still a chance at staying married. Dating around negates that whole concept.

Good post.

Frances R. A. Napper said...

Well I did not actually say that. Some couples remain separated for a very long time but they live in the same home together still. I don't think couples should be seeing other partners as long as they are living in the same home together/still share their marital home together. As long as they are living in separate homes with a view to divorcing then it is ok to start dating again if they so wish to. Once a final decision has been made that the family home is sold, one or the other has left the home/gone their own seperate ways then it's ok to date again. :) I didn't date anyone seriously again until about a year and a half after seperation. :)