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Friday, May 18, 2012

Facebook - Networking Site

Today Facebook sells off its shares for the first time ever and in the process of doing so it is expected to create 1,000 millionaires. Wow! :)

Facebook the social networking site will sell 421 million shares @ £24 a share.

Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook could net about £18 billion. Not bad for a guy who created the site whilst he was still at University 8 years ago. He is probably one of the richest men in the world now.

10 yrs ago there wasn't such a site as Facebook. Because my Father was in the RAF (Royal Air Force) I found it very difficult to keep in touch with the folk I'd become friends with. We spent much of our time moving around and I lost touch with many of my friends.

Since joining Facebook it has helped to put me in touch with many folk again. It has helped me keep track of them as they are all in one place now. Hopefully I won't lose contact with any of them again. :)

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find everyone as it is more awkward to find female friends, particularly as many get married/they remarry or they change their surnames.  There are some friends I know who won't go anywhere near a networking site because they do not trust it.  It is a great shame. :)

Facebook has become a favourite networking site for me purely because I have learned that you don't have to allow folk apart from friends (folk you actually know) and who all use their 'real' names, onto your site. :)

Someone mentioned in an article not so long ago that they did not like the fact that advertising companies get to see all of your likes/interests and they can begin to study and build a profile/log which tells them a lot about you.  The way I see things; because so many youngsters use Facebook the advertising companies were only building their information from the youngsters only rather than the older folk in my own age group.

If you are in the advertising business then I should imagine they would get a good insight into what folk like and all of their interests. They would need to know what folk of all ages enjoy and not just the youngsters. :)

On my site I have a wide age group of friends and not just folk in my own age group.  It's been great being in contact with them all again.  I only wish more of my old friends would join Facebook as it would be a great way to keep in touch with them all again.

Facebook is a site you can trust if you use it correctly because only you are in control of what information you put onto your Facebook profile. 

As long as you use your real name to enable folk to find you, you do not have to tell Facebook too much about yourself.  It is a good way of still maintaining close contact with old and new frienships. I do not see any problem with that.  It is like keeping a large address book but it is also a way of posting fun stuff to each other if you feel like it.

Good luck to those who use Facebook and well done Facebook. :)

Ps One of THE most important things I like about Facebook is that it also helps you to keep in touch with close family members too. ;)

Frances SmileyRose Napper xx

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