Monday, May 07, 2012

Stapleford Park Hall

I had an absolutely fantastic day yesterday! I didn't want it to end. :)

 I drove to Stamford to meet up with my Dad and Marion. It was Dad's 80th Birthday. :)

Shortly after I arrived a Mercedes with a driver pulled up outside the front of their home and we were driven to Stapleford Hall. It was lovely to travel in style. ;)

We met up with the lovely Charmaine de Souza, Richard Rothschild, Angelina Rothschild, Sky Rothschild, Basil de Souza and Fiona Davies.

Dinner was excellent! The day was excellent! It was so good to catch up with everyone.

After dinner one of the waitresses brought out a birthday cake for my Father. We all sang 'Happy Birthday' to him, in tune I'll hasten to add. ;)

I played Peebo with one of the toddlers also dining at the same restaurant with his parents. LOL he was so cute he even gave my Dad a kiss for his Birthday. ;)

I later took some photographs. Stapleford Hall was very pretty indeed.

I haven’t been to Stapleford Hall for a few years. The last time was when we all decided to go horse riding together. I remember riding a lovely white horse named 'Porridge' on that day. :)

*Sighs* I have had a lovely day. :) 

Family photos are private among my Family and Friends on Facebook only/or those who I choose to see my photographs (with my permission). I will include some of the photographs I took of the Hall on my blog site though as this is public. :) If you are not a Facebook friend and you have not actually friended me on Facebook, then it means I do not intend for you to look at my private photographs. :)

SmileyRose x

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