Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Dear! Here I Go Again

Whilst driving home from my Mother's this evening (I was invited for dinner)... my car came to a sudden halt.  It made me feel a little nervous however there were a number of folk who drove by and they stopped to offer me some help.

I declined most of their offers because I presumed I had only flooded the engine and it would be a matter of time before I was able to start the car up again . It had stopped very suddenly at a junction prevously but after a few moments the engine started again. However on this occasion a very nice guy stopped in his car and he pushed my car to safety when the car wouldn't start.  He was very sweet and helpful.:)

I phoned my Mother to let her know what had happened and she sent my step father out to me so that he could take a look at the car whilst I waited for RAC assistance.  Awww it's great they care.;)
It wasn't the first time I've had to wait for some assistance from the RAC...but that's another story.:) 

We didn't have to wait for too long and the RAC guy reached me and my car within 45mins. He showed me how to change the crank sensor, which was the cause of the car not working properly. It was great because the job looked pretty straight forward. It only took about 20 minutes to fix. He also saved me a job and put some more oil in the car for me. When he had finished he was really kind to follow me home and to make certain I reached in one piece. :)

Aww the RAC are really great and I thank my Father for recommending me to them.  He'd been a member for a number of years and has always received the best service from them.  Thanks Dad. ;)

So, all seemed to end well this evening.

It seems like everytime I step out of my door I seem to draw attention to myself without even trying.  Oh well....until the next time. ;)

Ps  Would you believe that first I stopped right outside the Police Station and when I managed to start the car briefly before it came to another halt, it stopped outside the Golf Club. Ewww it's an omen. I feel it in my blood. ;)

Thanks all :)

Frances SmileyRose Napper x

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