Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who Are My Friends? :-)

I guess my friends are all of those folk who I have accepted/added as a friend on my Facebook account....and of course all of those friends who do NOT have a facebook account...I still consider them as friends also (but they must not be strangers).  I almost forgot. Some partners of friends, are friends too.  ;-)

I have plenty of aqaintances, however if I'm unsure about someone then they'll remain aqaintances until such a time we become friends. Some aqaintances mix in the same circles as I do...and they have socialized with me too, but it doesn't mean they are friends. :)

If any of my friends are on facebook, then I'm easy to find...the others all found me ok. ;)

If you are not one of the above then you should not be reading my Facebook account. I have a public blog for that. :)


If you do not consider yourself a friend then I suggest you delete yourself from my facebook account. We don't want any unwanted spys on there. ;)

SmileyRose x

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