Sunday, June 17, 2012

Armed Forces Day - Saturday 30th June :)

Don't forget it is Armed Forces Day on Saturday 30th June. :)

I like to remember Armed Forces Day particularly as I have previously had strong connections with a serving member of the Royal Air Force.:)  Yes you have guessed correctly, my Father was a serving member of the RAF.  He retired from the RAF after 22 years full service. :)

As the child of a serving member of the British armed forces I was known as a 'Scale E Brat'...other UK forces children will be able to associate with this, it was like our own special club. ;)

I mostly lived in RAF quarters with my parents when I was a child. As a child all of my friends were mainly other RAF children. We lived on enclosed and guarded premises and we tended to mix with other RAF personnel and their families only.  We played together most days. My Father's first ever postings were at Bedford and Salisbury, Wiltshire before we left to live abroad for a while. :)

I suppose I lead quite a sheltered life. All of my friends were all English/British folk only because those were the only folk I ever saw. Everyone I knew only spoke the English language apart from those who spoke a different language to me when we lived abroad during my Father's postings.

RAF families tended to move around a lot. We didn't live in one place for too long as youngsters, therefore I never really picked up an accent as such. 

No I am not POSH, I just have a very well spoken English accent that's all. :)

After my Father retired from the Royal Air Force, his last tour was at RAF North Luffenham, Rutland (Education Department)...we all went to live in a small market town just outside of Rutland. Back then, Stamford became a very popular place for retired servicemen to settle down with their families.

Some folk who think they know me actually have no idea what-so-ever...and yes my Father is of course my REAL Dad. :)

SmileyRose x

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