Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good Luck To All Of You Lovely Girls and Boys :)

Well as the Schools and the Universities all break up for the summer holidays I would just like to wish everyone well.  :)

To all of those whom I know personally and they have just completed that first year at Uni, I'd just like to give you all a huge hug from me to you. Well done!  (((((((hugs)))))) :)

My eldest daughter and a few of her friends all move on to their second year at University in September. The very best of luck to all of you.  I can't wait to see Catherine...I've missed her so much. :)

My youngest daughter (the baby in the family) has just finished school, however she will return to 6th form in September to study for her 'A' levels. :)

Please spare a thought for those who haven't quite finished yet and they are still taking their final youngest daughter Lauren included. I would like to wish her all of the luck in the world I'm thinking about you. 

With all of my love Mummy xxx

Ps Schools almost out....I can't wait for us all to spend some time together. xxxxx :-)

SmileyRose x

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