Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ewww What's The Point In B*tching About Each Other?

When I do not like someone then it is usually for a very good reason that I do not like a person...I just don't like folk for no apparent reason. :)

I would say that I am a friendly individual who makes friends quite easilly. I like to get on with most folk but sometimes there is a little jealousy/envy and I can't help the fact that folk do not like me for this. I am quite down to earth when I am with my friends and family and I like to get along with most folk whenever I can.

I'm quite a likeable person who is fairly laid back and I am very easy going. I don't force my opinons onto others but I will tell folk what I like or dislike. There is a difference. :)

If I don't particularly like someone then I will never b*tch about them behind their back. I prefer to let others make their own minds up about a person.

I think all of those who b*tch about someone else behind their back must have something to hide and they're quite often the instigators, therefore I am likely to be aware of them.

I am an adult and not a child. I know the person you are b*tching about is known to me therefore why are you b*tching about them to me? What would you like me to do....make up a story about someone just to feed your appetite? Ewwww :(

Moral of the story. If I don't like someone then I very often don't like them for a good reason but I don't need to b*tch about anyone, it's not my style. :)

SmileyRose x

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