Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm An Independant Lady!

Somone recently asked me if I was still dependant on my ex husband.  What???   Of course not!!!! :)

I'm very independant and I don't rely upon anyone else but myself. My ex-husband does not support me in any way and I make my own honest living without anyone elses support. 

I'm not particularly wealthy and I have to work hard for a living to enable me to afford to run a home and car etc.. :)

I sometimes wonder why some folk try to compete with me when they have husbands to support them still. We're not all as lucky and everything I do is soley on my own. I have worked hard for it and it's helped that I went back to study again before going back to work after being a full-time Mother for a few years.

Of course it hasn't been easy for me and there are times when things were a little tough....but I'm a determined person and I was determined to not have to rely upon anyone else, but myself. :)

Some of the folk I speak off are still living in their marital homes and they still rely upon their ex spouses to help support them without them making an effort to do something for themselves. Some have even moved on to date/live with their new partners before giving themselves sufficient time to even try to make it on their own. 

I always vowed that I would never have ANY baggage so to speak if I was ever to move on to the next partner. I have stuck by my word and I haven't any baggage...apart from a few suitcases.  ;)

I always said that if I ever fall back into another relationship again then it would be for the right reasons and nothing else.  I wanted to make it on my own firstly and I've stuck by my word. :)

I have been on my own for the past 7yrs and I have not fallen straight back into another serious relationship because I think everyone needs time on their own after a long term relationship has failed.

Meeting new folk did me a world of good and who day I may decide to fall back into another relationship again but it will be for the right reasons when I do.....until then I'm happy just doing my own thing. :)

SmileyRose x

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