Thursday, June 07, 2012

Us At Hamerton Zoo

Lauren my youngest daughter and I had the most fabulous day out at Hamerton Zoo on Saturday :)

It's great to spend just Mum and Daughter time together sometimes. I think Lauren may be as good at taking good snaps like her Mum. :)

This little guy was so adorable :)

Lauren's Kissy Face :)

Hi I'm Laurens Mum

Ewww he slobbered a little on my hands. Wipes hands in grass. :)

Yuk! :)

Hello, Hello Hello :)

These are the Cheetah's Lauren...they're not as cute as you think. They'd eat you alive. :)

Let's go and get a hot chocolate and a muffin :)

Aww the Wise Old Owls :)

Lauren look there are some cuties out's just a case of waiting for the right one. ;)

Watch out for those little monkey's ...they love to play around. ;)

The old monkey's like to sit back and watch sometimes :)

We'll say no more about the camels with the humps. :)

...and then there are all of those wannabees....or are they Wallabees, I forget now. ;)

Yes this is my happy blog site and you have been viewing me, my daughter and all of the animals.  :)

SmileyRose x

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